10 Captivating Facts about Tirupati Temple You Did Not Know

Every one of us knows that Tirupati Temple i.e. Tirumala Devasthanam is the most revered and the richest Lord Balaji shrines of India. However, there are many who do not know everything about this temple. If you are one of those, then here’s a look at 10 fascinating facts about the famous temple,

The secret behind an Unknown Village

Every day, the deity of the Tirupati Balaji Temple is worshipped with flowers, holly leaves, buttermilk, milk, clarified butter and similar others. However, the fascinating aspect is that each of the items used in worship is sourced from an unknown village found at 20 kilometers from Tirupati temple. Other than the locals, none of the tourists have ever visited this small village.

Real Hair of Balaji

While visiting the sacred Balaji temple, we see a smooth, silky, real, and tangle-free hair worn by the Lord Tirupati Balaji Temple. However, there is a story behind the flawless locks, which we see. Legends say, Lord Balaji lost a few of his hair during an unexpected incident during his reign on the earth.

However, Neela Devi, one of the Gandharva Princesses noticed the same incident and cut a part of her glorious hair. She offered the chopped locks to Lord Balaji and requested him to plant it on his own head.

Lord Balaji was extremely pleased with Neela Devi’s devotion, so, he accepted her kind offer. He also promised to bless all the devotees visiting his shrine and sacrificing their hair at his feet. Since then, shaving off their hair before the deity has become a custom among the Lord Balaji devotees.

The Idol of the Lord Balaji not in the Center

Even though the idol of Lord Balaji appears to be standing at the center of sanctorum, it is not true. Technically, the idol of Lord Balaji is on the right-hand corner of the inner sanctum.

Perpetually Lit Lamps

According to the mythology, many believe the light from the heart of fervent devotees for their beloved deity never goes out. This same belief holds true for the earthen lamps placed before Lord Balaji inside the temple. In fact, the lamps placed near the idol remain lit forever and no one has any record about who first lit the lamps and when.

Misty Idol

Despite the priests trying their best, the back of Lord Balaji’s idol at the Venkateshwara Swamy temple stays moist. No one can explain why that is so. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sea waves behind the idol of Lord Balaji

Another fascinating fact of the Tirumala Devasthanam is that you can hear the sea waves when you put your ear to the back of idol’s image in the temple. Don’t believe us? Try it when you visit the Tirupati temple.

Flowers offered seen at Verpedu 

According to the rule, priests of this holy temple don’t throw the flowers offered to the deity during morning worship out of the sanctum. Instead, the flowers are thrown into surrounding waterfalls that flows behind the back of Lord Balaji’s idol. Moreover, the priests make sure not to look at the deity’s back the full day. What’s interesting is that you can see the same discarded flowers, at Verpedu located 20 kilometers away from Tirupati temple.

Venkateswara Swamy had once appeared in real

Several years ago, during the 19th-century, the King of Andhra Pradesh sentenced twelve culprits to death for their monstrous crime. After their death, their dead bodies were left to hang on the walls of the Balaji temple. Many believe that Lord Balaji himself appeared in real when the incident was happening.

The Balaji idol survives Various Strong Chemical Reactions

Science says, green or raw camphor, derived from the Cinnamon camphora tree can cause fissures and cracks on any stone it falls on. However, the idol of Shri Venkateshwara Swamy is resistant to camphor’s chemical reactions, though it is often smeared with it.

Sweaty Deity of Lord Balaji

The Lord Balaji idol maybe carved from stone, but it is full of life. The idol maintains 110°F temperature even though its surrounding areas stay cool as they are 3000ft above the sea. Every morning, when priests perform Abhishekham i.e. holy bath of the idol, the idol appears to sweat. Priests often wipe off the sweat using silk fabric. What’s more, every Thursday, priests find the ornaments are warm when removed from the idol.

These facts are interesting, isn’t it? Well, if you want to find out if they are real, plan a quick trip to the Tirupati temple. Connect with Kesari Tours to complete your plans and get the best deals.

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