7 Traditional Italian dishes in Italy you must try

Italy is the perfect travel destination for all travelers willing to experience a wonderful sightseeing tour, explore its unique history and get a glimpse of its local culture. However, Italy is also a preferred destination for gastronomical delights what with Italy’s rich cuisine, its flavourful desserts, and more with hints of Germanic, Greek, Hungarian, Arab, or Catalan cuisine.

The trickiest thing about eating in Italy is that you can’t try everything in a day. Considering that you won’t be eating throughout the day, there seems to be an infinite number of Italian dishes that you ‘absolutely must try’. From local specialties to the best seasonal dishes, you will need many lifetimes to sample the best Italian food, and this is before you think of magical desserts and drinks.

Well, there is more to Italian food than just pizza, pasta, and gelato. To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with a bucket list of Italian foods for you must try for sure.


While searching for popular dishes in Italy, the first name that pops up is Arancini i.e. a golden brown colored crispy rice ball. These rice balls come as filled with tomato sauce, ragu, green peas, and mozzarella. Depending on the location, you will find a huge variation in shapes and fillings in the popular local dish. Chefs fry the balls after coating them in crunchy breadcrumbs.


Foodies willing to enjoy true flavors of Italy should never forget tasting Lasagna. Made with lasagna pasta sheets layered with green veggies, ground meat, cheese typically mozzarella or Parmigiano Reggiano or a mix of both, with varieties of sauces, like béchamel, ragu, and tomato sauce baked to perfection. Lasagna makes for the perfect balanced dinner. Remember, locals don’t often use tomato sauce like the American version of Lasagna.


Trentino – South Tyrol in Italy is known for its Strudel di mele -a dessert made with rolled dough stuffed with apple, raisins, pine nuts, cinnamon, or the Hungarian Gulash. The most famous dish you must not miss out on is the Canederli. They are balls made with bread, egg, milk, and parsley. You may also find spinach, cheese, mushrooms, or Speck ham in this dish.


Saltimbocca is one of the more popular dishes among travelers and locals of Italy. Made using thin slices meat (both mutton and chicken) topped with varieties of herb leaves and salty prosciutto. Later, each of the ingredients is skewed using a toothpick and sautéed in a pan to cook the meat.

Risotto alla Milanese

Known for their use of butter instead of the ever-present olive oil and rice instead of pasta, food in Lombardy is a must-try. The Risotto alla Milanese is one of the most well-known dishes and uses rice, butter, and cheese with saffron added for flavor. When in Lombardy, don’t forget to get a taste of their delicious Cotoletta alla Milanese i.e. breaded stick or Ossobuco alla Milanese, which is a bone and marrow meat stew. The famous Gorgonzola cheese is made in Lombardy.


If you have young kids in your tour to Italy, who are fond of having chocolates and candies, don’t miss trying the sticky and creamy Torrone candies available everywhere in candy stores and cafes of Italy. Torrone has varieties of ingredients, like egg whites, honey, citrus zest, and toasted nuts to be an ultimate dish to try out for foodies.


Along with varieties of mouth-watering Italian dishes, you will also get true flavors of Italy in a popular creamy and delicious dessert named Tiramisu. Main ingredients in this sweet treat include coffee, ladyfingers, sugar, eggs, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa. Other than this, many creative dessert makers give many innovative twists to the traditional Tiramisu recipes with variations, like chocolate tiramisu, fruit tiramisu and many more.

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