8 Best Reasons to visit Europe this year

Still fantasizing about Europe tour? That European vacation you’ve been promising yourself? Well, how about not fantasizing anymore but planning your trip to Europe instead. Whether you want to experience the fantastic culture, explore places that made it to the history books, party the night away to gorging on lip-smacking food, charming scenic villages, and appealing atmosphere, Europe has it all and some more.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Europe, we just picked a top few for you

Walk where history lives

Europe was a big part of ancient civilizations and the buildings; its architecture just reinforces the fact. Some structures are more than 2000-years-old, especially in Rome. Explore the buildings, visit museums, and be camera ready to click fabulous pictures. Walk where once history was created, learn about their stories. Enjoy a stroll through the cobblestoned boulevards of Prague’s Old town or better yet go on a hike through the UNESCO listed Italian fishing villages of Cinque Terre.

Satiate your taste buds with fantastic food: You’ve heard the phrase ‘When in Rome’, well have fun eating as the Europeans do. Gorge on French cheese, German bratwurst, Italian pizza, ice wine, Belgian beer and more. There are several charming cafes, eateries, restaurants and street food stalls that you must try for sure.

Charming, scenic Europe: From snow-clad mountains to craggy hilltops, to the scenic Italian coastline, picturesque Andalusia with its eternal villages and gorgeous sun-kissed beaches; chic, stunning and romantic Paris to the ancient city of Rome -home to the magnificent Colosseum and iconic fountains like the Trevi. Don’t forget the artistic city of Florence that is known for its inspiring art, beautiful cities and the gorgeous open-air museum that showcases art by some of the greatest artists in the world. Wherever your European sojourn takes you from Venice, London, Prague, Barcelona, Switzerland, Italy and more, you are bound to be mesmerized.

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Moving about is not a chore: If you’d like to see more of Europe, don’t worry you can do that easily, what with most European countries have the best public transport available for use. That makes travelling inside the city a breeze. In a single day, you can check out museums, go shopping, explore various landmarks and of course make time for good food. Moreover, the open borders of the Schengen Area allow you to travel through most of Europe on a single entry and exit. Of course, this includes countries of the European Union and allied countries like Switzerland.

Shopping Mecca: When in Europe, shop like the Europeans! Home to fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and others, which makes high-street shopping a treat. Even if you’re on a budget, you may find some fabulous keepsakes at the markets, local vendors. If you’re travelling during the winters make sure you check the Christmas markets. Many European cities host them starting nearly 3 months before Christmas.

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Celebrations Galore: If participating in festivals makes you happy, then you will be happy on your European holiday. They practically celebrate everything from historic moments like the Semana Santa in Seville to Sonar in Barcelona or the Cheese rolling competition in Gloucestershire. Not to forget the world-famous Oktoberfest in Germany or the Tomatina festival in Spain. There are plenty of festivals happening through the year whether it is film, comedy, music, fashion, food, beer, wine and others.

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Hopping Nightlife: Europe is where the party is these days. Home to a few party capitals Europe has a hopping nightlife that you can explore and experience if that’s what you seek. There are several trendy underground music places in most European cities to fashionable bars on every high street, party islands, super clubs and of course party central Amsterdam. You can try the pub hopping too or dance the night away.

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Beach towns and Isles: Europe boasts of coast just off the Aegean Seas, Mediterranean, and the Adriatic Seas. These coasts boast of some of the most stunning isles and beach towns in the world. There are chances you may discover a few hidden gems too. Santorini in Greece is one such well-known beach town most visitors flock to. Explore a bit further and you will find Greece has other stunning isles off the beaten track.

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