Authentic Souvenirs from Around the World

Getting the perfect souvenir is difficult and takes serious thought, whether you’re planning to buy for your loved ones or colleagues. Considering that most souvenir shops end up stocking the same souvenir items, it is easy to get trapped in a rut.

When you think of souvenirs or gifts, you think of magnets, key chains, mugs, and other trinkets. But souvenirs are so much more than a hasty afterthought at the airport. Discovering the perfect travel souvenir to remember a much-deserved holiday and integrating it into your home decor, or using it to enliven your desk at work, it is the easiest way to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Buying something unique, an item that stands for the local culture of the place or a specialty is one way to ensure that you have the best souvenirs to gift.

Kesari Tours has created a list of the unique souvenirs from around the world. While some may be strange, every single one is unique. Make sure you look out for them on your next holiday.

Japanese Matcha - Authentic Souvenirs from Around the World

Japanese Matcha: For the green tea or health enthusiast coming back from a Japanese holiday without Matcha is a crime. One of the largest consumers of green tea, you will find it brewing everywhere in Japan right from the street vendor to the tea ceremony at a restaurant. Available in several varieties, you can pick some at a supermarket or specialty tea store that guarantees the quality of tea. If you plan to visit Japan, make sure you buy some and get your friends as hooked on matcha tea as you are.

Greece's thyme Honey

Greece’s Thyme Honey: Who doesn’t like honey? Well, most people like honey in every variety, but have you heard of thyme honey? It is the unique full of flavor honey available in Greece. Thyme honey makes for an apt travel souvenir. Large local stores sell bottled versions you can pick from, but for the most authentic version buy it at a local family-owned store. Compared to the nectar of the Greek Gods, thyme honey has an intensely sweet aroma imbued with herbs. It tastes like the sweetest fruits with a hint of succulent dates. Many believe it has anti-cancer properties. An authentic jar of Greek honey is one of the best souvenirs you can pick.

Bali's Supa Dupa Incense

Bali’s Supa Dupa Incense: Bali is home to several Stupas where people light incense while offering prayers. Sounds, tastes, and aromas are often associated with memories. Pick up a pack of the local incense sticks available in Bali. The Supa Dupa a Bali based company that uses locally available ingredients to make the incense sticks. Used for daily rituals, Temple Spice is a favorite among visitors and locals. It’s made from a mix of oil, herbs, nuts, flowers, and spices. Don’t forget to pick some for your temple-going aunt next door.

Germany’s Berlin Wall Fragments

Germany’s Berlin Wall Fragments: One of the most iconic historical monuments in Germany, the Berlin Wall is popular among visitors to the country. Thousands around the world flock to see the ruins of the wall. What’s interesting are the souvenirs stores near the Berlin Wall Memorial that sell wall fragments, which they claim are truly from the Berlin Wall. Imagine, you will be carrying a piece of history with you back home. Many fragments have colorful graffiti on them.

Cape Town’s Batik Paintings: This African city is known for its artistic bent of mind and a few famous places of visit. There’s plenty for you to explore when it comes to local artists in Cape Town. You can check out soapstone etchings, handcrafted beads and more. But the batik paintings are some of the best souvenirs you will find in Cape Town. These paintings portray local village scenes and wildlife. Try and ask around the market when you’re in Cape Town. If you’re lucky you may find an artist willing to make you a batik painting.

Whether you are looking for corporate souvenirs, reunion souvenirs or others, it must be a thoughtful gesture unlike just picking a random keychain at a department store or the airport. If you haven’t planned a holiday yet, connect with Kesari Tours to narrow down the places you may want to see.

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