Central Europe – What’s in store for you with Kesari Tours this year

Planning for an international holiday? How about a European tour that takes you on a journey through 11 gorgeous cities in 7 countries? Did that make you sit up and look for information? Well, Kesari Tours offers a Central Europe tour that starts in Poland and finishes in Croatia.

Paris, Switzerland, often top the list of European destinations for most travelers, however, Europe is home to several more delightful, stunning, enchanting, and interesting places that must make it to your list of places to visit this year. For a natural, polished, and friendly stay in the charming countryside with an old-world charm that enthralls a trip to Central Europe is a must.

Central Europe is home to quaint timbered hamlets, graffiti-adorned Revival plazas, old-fashioned walled towns and so much more. From the intriguingly eerie alleys of Prague, the flamboyant extravagance of Salzburg, the vivid old-Venetian effect on the port of Piran, to UNESCO World Heritage sites Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia appear to have more than their fair share of historic works of art that you must-explore.

Gems like Bamberg; Germany may not be on your radar but misty mornings with few around make you feel like you’ve time-traveled to another century. You will find cute cobbled-stoned lanes and picturesque towns, cutesy outdoor cafes, beer halls, and coffee shops that make for a fun-filled holiday.

Top Places to visit in Central Europe

Prague: One of the best places that calls for a must-visit is Prague. This Czech Republic capital packs a punch. Known for its hopping nightlife, the city has several bars and restaurants that you can visit for a fabulous time. Not just nightlife, Prague has several historical monuments that played an important part in history.

Prague is home to the oldest working astronomical clock Orloj, which is more than 600-years-old. The 14th-century Charles Bridge that connects the Old Town with the Lesser Town, the Hradcany Castle and the St. Vitus cathedral are must-visits. The Prague Castle, which is now the Czech President’s house dates to the 9th century. Visit the old Jewish Quarter and take a fantastic cruise on the River Vltava.

Vienna: One name that pops up repeatedly when there is a discussion on arts and intellect is Vienna. The capital of Austria, Vienna has been home to well-known philosophers like Sigmund Freud and composers like Mozart and Beethoven. There are several stunning imperial palaces that you can explore like the lavish Baroque Schonbrunn Palace the summer haven for the royals of the Habsburg.

The Vienna State Opera is a beautiful 18th-century monument that has been a part of Vienna’s amazing culture. The UNESCO listed St. Barbara Cathedral, Sedlec Ossuary, Hofburg Palace, Heldenplatz, the Ring Boulevard, and the City Hall are some must-sees. Don’t forget click memorable snaps when you walk down historic lanes, enjoy sitting down at heritage cafes, incredible bakeries or explore the city some more.

Berlin: Berlin, the audacious and bright capital city has seen plenty of turbulent history. However, that doesn’t distract from the city’s chic street scene, lively art culture, legendary nightlife spots, and plenty of hipster haunts. The Berliner Dome Cathedral, City Hall, the Victory Column including the Goddess Victory’s golden statue, a tour of the Reichstag Building Dome, the stunning classical archway at Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden Boulevard and German State Opera house are must-visits. Don’t forget, visit the well-known Berlin Wall, check out the graffiti on the wall at East Side Gallery. There’s a lot to see, experience and nightspots to dance the night away.

Krakow: Near the Czech border this Polish city has plenty you can discover. The city center is home to several medieval architectural charms such as the market square Rynek Glowny that is home to the tremendously remarkable Cloth Hall, and St Mary’s Basilica.

The city’s rich Jewish history, quirky cafes, hipster bars, the UNESCO listed Wieliczka Salt mine, the Royal Castle, and Auschwitz – the biggest German concentration camp are the chief draws.

Budapest: Visiting Vienna and not Budapest makes for an incomplete Central European holiday. Explore the twin cities of Buda and Pest. Budapest the capital of Hungary has been a part of many historic events and can trace its origins to the Romans. You can find Roman artifacts in the oldest part of Buda as well as Obuda, which means Old Buda.

Pest is home to the relatively newer, 19th-century face of the capital. It houses the magnificent Parliament Houses, St Stephen’s Basilica, and the Opera House. Don’t forget to enjoy a hot mineral bath and a wonderful cruise on the River Danube.

These places are just the tip of the sightseeing iceberg. Central Europe has plenty more you can experience. We’ve answered a few questions that give you a better idea of Central Europe. Read on to know

The best time to visit Central Europe: The best time to visit Central Europe is in the shoulder season from April to June and September to November. The crowds are fewer, the weather is mild and the prices for stay and sightseeing are lower.

The best month to visit Prague, and Vienna

The best time to visit Prague, Vienna and Budapest is during the shoulder season from mid-April to May and September to mid-October when the weather is lovely with few tourists visiting. However, you can also plan to visit these cities in summer though it may be very crowded.

Central Europe is known for

Central Europe is best known for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, rich history, stunning vistas, and some of the best holiday destinations you can find in the world. It is also known as the heart of Europe.

How do I get from Prague to Budapest?

One of the fastest and easier ways to reach Budapest from Prague is the train. The first train leaves Prague around 7.30 am and the last one at 11.15 pm. If you prefer not to travel for six hours, then take a flight from Prague to Budapest.

The best month to go to Europe

You can travel to Europe throughout the year, however, the months from June to September are the best when the beach is warm, its sunny and the prices are economical. It is also the time when there are few tourists.

The warmest place in Europe in December:

Winters in Europe are cold, especially in December. However, there are a few places such as Cordoba, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Paphos, Madeira, and the Algarve that are warm even in December.

Where in Europe is warm in April?

The Canary Islands in Tenerife, Spain is the only place in Europe that is warm in April. These islands are off Africa and are part of Spain making them warm when other parts of Europe aren’t.

Is Cyprus hot in April?

The weather warms up in April in Cyprus. The average temperature hovers around 21° to 23° C based on the area on the coast. The west coast stays cooler while inland temperatures may rise to 24°C.

Does Europe shut down in August?

Not really, it is one of the busiest months for both local and international tourists. However, in some popular parts of Europe like Italy and France it’s time for mass breaks when locals flock to the beaches and plan their weekend breaks, which is when they are on partial shutdowns. Summer means the highest temperatures, crowds, and expensive accommodations.

Is Europe expensive to travel to?

One of the most popular destinations among tourists, European travel can be cheap or expensive. It depends on the places you plan to visit, the way you travel and when you travel. However, a good idea to make the most of a holiday can be a tour option that gives you a chance to see and explore several cities in one holiday like Kesari’s Central Europe tour.

With Kesari’s Central European Tour you get a chance to visit 11 cities in 7 countries. This 14N/15D trip takes you to Warsaw and Krakow in Poland, Berlin and Dresden in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Vienna in Austria, Budapest in Hungary, Ljubljana and Bled in Slovenia, Plitvice National Park and Zagreb in Croatia. If you’d like to know more connect with Kesari Tours and let them do the rest.

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