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Not being awestruck or impressed when touring Europe is like believing it won’t rain when it thunders. Europe has everything going for it from its impressive history, mesmerizing artistry, gastronomic diversity, and fantastic natural beauty. The birthplace Florence’s renaissance in art, democracy in Athens, the meandering canals in Venice, Paris’s splendor, the multicultural history of London, Explore Europe – there is something for every discerning visitor.

Exploring Europe can be expensive eating into your budget if you consider paying for air tickets, hi-speed trains, ferries, overnight trains, and not to forget the food. This trend is now changing with the introduction of new and cheaper means of transport in Europe. Budget airlines, new buses, shared cabs, etc. have made traveling cheaper. To give you an idea of the best way to explore Europe, Kesari Tours picked a few options for you. Read on to know…

Best time to visit Europe: May, September, and October are the off-peak months and can be the best time to visit Europe. The crowds are manageable, accommodations and traveling around are a tad cheaper than peak season rates. You may find others have the same idea as you, however, the wait time at attractions you visit may not be as much as it is during summers.

September seems to be the best month to visit Europe among tourists. The weather is pleasant especially if you want to visit Iceland, Norway, and Sweden when the temperatures hover around 20° to 30° Celsius.

If you would like to holiday in the Mediterranean, then do so between November and February when the climate is not too hot.

Best places to visit in Europe: Europe is full of places that are worth visiting at least once, but thousands have voted for the best places to visit in Europe.

Explore Europe - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary: Taking the top slot in most travel itineraries, this city is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, with its unmatched combo of fabulous culture, diverse cuisines, world heritage sites, and thermal waters. Called the Pearl of Danube, this city is not only the best, but it is also the safest city in the world. Visit Budapest if you’d like to experience the Paris-like elegance, gentle way of life like in Stockholm, and an architectural heritage that rivals Vienna.

Braga, Portugal

Braga, Portugal: One hour away from Porto is the next top slot winner Braga, in Portugal. This ancient city has been attracting visitors for epochs. From Gothic Cathedrals to romantic gardens like the one in Santa Barbara, or the walk on top of the Bom Jesus do Monte there is plenty for you to explore. Do visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro, which is enchanting and inspirational.

For shopaholics, you can pick from some amazing traditional shops, new-age boutiques, or the shopping centers. Creating memories of a lifetime is not an issue when you can take part in events happening throughout the year. The biggest one is the White Night in Europe when you can look forward to dozens of street concerts in Braga. Whether you love adventure, history, food or culture, Braga is the city for you.

Monte Isola, Italy

Monte Isola, Italy: Italy is beautiful for sure and one of the most beautiful places in Italy is Mt. Isola. Just 2-hours away from Milan on lake Isola, this mountain offers the best of Lombardy. This beautiful mountain the middle of the lake is known for its sustainable eco-tourism measures. Awarded the European Destination of Excellence -EDEN. Monte Isola is heaven on earth. Inspiring renowned artists like Cristo, and mesmerizing hikers, families and solo travelers alike with its natural beauty, Monte Isola is a must-visit.

Explore the local fishing scene, handicrafts, fresh produce, as well as gourmet food items and Franciacorta’s wines. If you want an authentic place to relax, rejuvenate, be a responsible tourist, then Monte Isola is the place to visit.

Metz, France

Metz, France: Paris is not the only city in France tourists flock to, there is Metz too. One of the trendiest places to visit in France, this city is known for its young designers, start-up entrepreneurs, and its renowned cultural centers like the Pompidou center and more. If you’d like to take a short break from a tour of Paris, then Metz, which is 82 minutes away by train is the place to visit.

You can take a stroll along the river, checkout shopping streets, cycle or walk through the city while you explore. Do make time for the charming cafes, animated terraces, and bars. Not to forget, the award-winning chef-run patisseries in the Covered Market is a must-try for its local and international delicacies that suit every pocket.

Best Ways to Explore Europe:

Megabus - Explore Europe

Megabus: To explore England, Scotland, Wales, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam use the Megabus. It is one of the best and cheapest ways to do so. If you book tickets a month in advance, you can pick them for as little as 1 GBP. What’s more, you can also try the trains Megabus operates on a few of its routes.


Busabout: This is a hop-on/off service like the one in Australia or New Zealand. If you love backpacking, then this is one of the best ways to travel. You also get a chance to meet other tourists traveling on the same buses. You can buy a pass for the duration of your stay for their routes. What’s more, you can get on or off anytime you want on their route.


FlixBus: FlixBus operates in 20 European countries in thousands of cities and offers tickets for a low as 5 Euros. You have access to electric outlets, Wi-Fi, up-to three free bags, etc.

Budget Airlines: Among the several ways, traveling on budget airlines for long distances in Europe is the best options. Fierce competition amongst airlines means you get to travel at the cheapest fares, sometimes as low as 1 euro. You can pick from Vueling, Ryanair, Easy Jet, and others.


Eurail: If you aren’t too comfortable traveling on buses, check out the amazing options Europe Rail offers. Pick up the Eurail pass and you can travel to any one of the cities or countries it caters too. The pass is by far the cheapest way if you prefer train travel even for overnight travel.

Do you find Europe fascinating? If you do, then maybe it is time for you to plan a vacation to Europe, isn’t it? Connect with Kesari Tours for best deals to Europe.

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