Here’s Why You Must Head to Dubai Right Away

Dubai is a popular travel destination for many, from various parts of the world. The destination especially highlights a perfect mix of history, innovation, and modern culture. A city that never sleeps, Dubai is the City of Gold too.

This city of excesses from the tallest structures in the world to thriving man-made metros and more is the place to go-to for a fun-filled entertaining holiday.

Kesari Tours put together a Dubai guide just for you so that exploring world-class entertainment, adventure, and shopping avenues becomes a breeze.

Visit to Dubai

Things to do in Dubai

Get into DSF’s unique shopping spirit by not only popping in and out of Dubai’s endless array of stores and retail spaces, but celebrate your brand new buys, freshly inspired style, savings and rewards with food and entertainment destinations all in the name of fashion. Feel the city buzzing with excitement with street runways featuring Dubai’s most iconic backdrops to firework displays every weekend across the city. Take home luxury at a bargain price along with the memories made during this magical time of year.

Burj Khalifa

Whenever we think about traveling to Dubai, the first place that comes to mind is the fantastic Burj Khalifa. This tallest and free-standing building is home to several outdoor observation decks across the world. Visitors can ride the elevator to enjoy breathtaking views on the 124th floor and the 148th floor of the observation deck. Do not forget to explore the history of Dubai based on scenes of the city displayed at different points using special telescopes meant just for it.

Jumeriah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is in the north of Dubai’s Marina. The mosque’s detailed white facade highlights the architectural style of the medieval period. Even you are a non-Muslim, you can see Jumeriah’s ornate decor, which features painted panels against the bright yellow and blue backgrounds.

Wild Wadi Water park

Wild Wadi waterpark has over 30 different water ride facilities and playing areas designed perfectly to meet people of every age. If you are an adventure lover, never miss sliding down to the Tantrum Alley.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is the most-visited place among history enthusiasts, as it offers a glimpse of Dubai right from its establishment till today. Do not forget to explore the oldest building of Dubai i.e. Al Fahidi Fort found in the museum. The museum also features separate wings dedicated to the history, culture, and geographic landscape of Dubai.

Kite Beach

Willing to test your outstanding watersports skills, just visit Kite Beach in Dubai. Whether you want to try kitesurfing, surfing, water sports like wakeboarding and stand-up paddle boarding the kite beach is the best place to do it. Not too far from Jumeriah’s main street, the watersports equipment is available at the beach. If you would like to stay on the beach, then you can join a beach volleyball game or just lounge on a bleacher.

How much does the Dubai trip cost?

On average, you may spend about AED 1000 a day in Dubai. A one-day meal and per day hotel stay (couple) may cost AED 164 and AED 998, respectively. However, your expenses may vary depending on your chosen accommodation facilities, modes of transport, and restaurants you plan to eat at during your holiday. Everyone can visit and explore Dubai, irrespective of their budgets.

How can I go to Dubai on a budget?

  • Book your hotel or other accommodations outside the downtown areas (like for instance Burj Khalifa) to save money. Besides, make sure your hotel is close to the metro station in Dubai. Doing so will make your commute quick and easy saving transportation costs.
  • Choose to travel via Dubai metro trains instead of hiring private taxis to save money.
  • Plan your itinerary to explore Dubai’s attractions.
  • Prefer your meals at local restaurants rather than visiting the international chains.
  • Search for budget-friendly accommodation facilities in the city.
  • Include the free attractions that Dubai is home to

Things that are Cheap in Dubai

Though Dubai is known as a luxurious city in the world, you will find many things that are available at affordable prices.

Electronic Items

With budget-friendly tax policies prevailing in Dubai, you can buy varieties of electronic items at an affordable price. These include cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles, home appliances, consumer durables and more. Where can you buy them? Well, head over to Al-Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai, of course.

Flavoured Chocolates

Dubai has become the chocolate hub of the world. From local brands to famous international brands, pick some at the airport or one of the stores in Dubai in several flavours. Try Dubai’s homegrown brand, Chocodate. ‘Chocodate’ is essentially a nut inside a date covered in chocolate.

Dates and Dry Fruits

Whether you are in Dubai or any part of the UAE, not getting dates is a crime. Known as the oldest cultivated fruit, dates have grown in the Middle East for the last 6000 years. Whether you want to use them in desserts, serve it with coffee, make a non-alcoholic drink, or gift it, buying dates in Dubai is a must. Not just dates, but Middle Eastern countries are also known for their high-quality apricots, raisins, figs, and other nuts available at affordable prices.

How do Tourists Travel to Dubai?

By Air

The international airport of Dubai is the single airport running in the metropolis region and is the busiest one in the United Arab Emirates. 100s of destinations across the world have direct flights to Dubai.

By Bus

Emirates Express has regular bus services among different cities of the UAE i.e. Sharjah, Dubai, Masafi, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and many more.

Foods and Cuisines to Have in Dubai

Your tour to Dubai is incomplete if you skip on the delicious foods of the region i.e.-

  • Manousheh, a delicious pizza of the local area
  • Chelo Kabab
  • The Traditional food of Dubai i.e. Al Harees
  • Al Machboos, a flavored Dubai cuisine
  • Kousa Mahshi, a popular vegetarian main course of Dubai
  • Luqaimat dumplings, a popularly served desert during Ramadan

Well, if you aren’t sure about planning a trip to Dubai yourself, why not leave to the experts. Kesari Tours offers several Dubai tours for you. If you’d like one created for you then connect with a Kesari host and they will help you customize your itinerary.

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