Offbeat Tours -The Top 5 Destinations You Must Visit

Planning a holiday, but don’t know where to go? Not too fond of crowded tourist destinations, but still want to experience the world. Well, who says you can only travel to well-known places across the world? There are several destinations that are not on everyone’s travel itinerary, however, they do offer some of the best roads for road trips, lofty peaks that inspire and a slice of green, and golden beaches with cobalt-blue waters, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Kesari Tours picked the top 5 offbeat tour destinations you must visit for sure

Ireland: If you’ve watched Game of Thrones and found the landscapes and backdrops fascinating, then Ireland is the place to experience it for real. This isle lives up to its reputation with spectacular lands and charming, welcoming people. The histrionic wilds of Donegal, the imposing massifs of Mourne, the world-renowned backdrops Kerry and Cork, and the beautiful Causeway Coast are some places you must visit. Don’t forget the Book of Kells Library in Trinity College Dublin. Make the most of the Irish country roads through the ‘Boreens’ to Kilkenny’s -an ancient medieval castle and get a chance to see the National Stud farm in Kildare. Don’t forget to sample the fantastic food and enjoy the sublime sights on your holiday.

Italy: Think Italy and its pizza and pasta that pop into your mind, isn’t it? Well, there is so much more to this fascinating country. Home to some of the most celebrated works of art, architecture, and food, Italy excites, motivates, and moves like no other country in this world. The jewel of the Roman Empire, and the origin of renaissance, Italy, is a cultural smorgasbord you must visit at least once.

From UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites like Pompeii to the wine town Naples there is much to see and experience. Not to forget the Ravenna’s sparkling Byzantine riches, or the time elevator ride in Rome, and the city of the Pope -the Vatican. Make sure you visit the Vatican Museum, Michelangelo’s Frescoes, the Last Judgement, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s famous Pieta, and the Colosseum -the gladiator arena of the Romans.

Slovenia: Slovenia is not a destination most pick when it comes to holiday travel. However, plan an offbeat tour to Slovenia-Croatia and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Snow-bound mountains, azure-green rivers, and Venetian-style seashore near the Adriatic Sea, lofty Julian Alps, the deep Postojna and Škocjan caverns make it a paradise on earth. Slovenia has plenty to explore from architecture to appealing countryside culture and classy cooking.

Croatia: If you love a Mediterranean climate and fantasize lazing around the cerulean waters in the shadow of ancient fenced cities, then Croatia is the place to be. Explore the Venetian castles, Napoleonic fortresses, Slavic churches with Romanesque columns, Viennese manors, Socialist Realist monuments and more. Don’t forget strolling through the Dolac Market in Zagreb and the Maksimir -the first public garden in Europe and the world.

Iceland: An isle on the northernmost point of earth, Iceland is quickly becoming a popular destination for those who love adventure, nature and more. From gushing geysers, mud pots, glacial volcanoes, and nature’s everchanging landscape are meant to mesmerize and charm you. Explore the renowned Golden Circle, check out the Thingvellir National Park, the rift valley, the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture memories of a lifetime.

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