Shopping in Kashmir- Must-buys for Every Tourist

Kashmir valley is known as ‘heaven of the earth.’ From the shimmering Dal Lake, umpteen houseboats floating on the lake, Gulmarg, the lofty snowbound Himalayas, lush green valley, and many Hindu pilgrimage sites, including the famous Amarnath Temple, Kashmir is home to something for every kind of tourist.

Visiting Kashmir and not shopping is a crime. Shopping in Kashmir is interesting. You can find plenty to buy from products unique to the region to local delicacies that you must try. Whether it is a few mementoes, to varieties of expensive Pashmina shawls, you can find something to buy at Kashmir shopping markets.

Pashmina Shawls and Blankets

Willing to get top quality yet trendy winter products for your home? Make the most of your Kashmir holiday and visit the market to buy a variety of stylish Pashmina shawls, blankets, sweaters and more. Pashmina shawls use pashmina sheep wool. Their soft colours and fine texture have made them a must-have, topping the list -what to buy in Kashmir for most visitors.

The art of making Pashmina shawls has been passed on for generations in families and both women and men are involved in the making of these fabulous shawls. While the men in the family work the heavy handlooms, women spin the wool and create embroidered masterpieces that make Pashmina shawls outstanding.

Chain Stitched Carpets

Kashmiri handicrafts include varieties of handmade chain-stitched carpets made using both silk and wool. Unlike other types of carpets, which consist of a combination of wool and silk, chain-stitched carpets woven in Kashmir use only pure silk or pure wool. Called Namda, they are lightweight and durable making them sought-after across the world. Moreover, these carpets are available in varieties of intricate patterns from simple chain patterns to the most complicated patterns. You can add it to your things to buy in Kashmir list for sure. Don’t forget checking out the crewel-work rugs and wall-hangings.

Carved Utensils and Silver Jewellery

If you want to buy unique décor items for your home, never miss a visit to the Kashmir shopping markets to find varieties of carved stone utensils, antique copper-ware and silver jewellery. Regardless of your favourite colour or design, you will get a perfect décor item whether it is jewellery or utensils you are looking for. Check out the antique copper-ware like samovars and trays that are available in the old city market. But please take a guide along. Don’t visit the old city alone.

Walnut Wood Carving Collection

Are you still contemplating -what to buy in Kashmir? If yes, check the varieties of walnut wood carving items available easily in popular and frequently-visited shops in Kashmir. Artisans show their outstanding skills in wood carving on various things from furniture, photo frames, jewellery boxes and more. Don’t lose out on a chance to take Kashmiri art home.

Other Items to Buy in Kashmir

Not just shawls, blankets, and wood carvings, but you will also find other things to buy in Kashmir. These include embroidered hakoba cotton prints, mirror frames, dry fruits, black apples, Kesar i.e. Kashmiri saffron and varieties of exclusive products made with silver, copper, bamboo, and paper mâché.

If you are fond of jewellery, then buy the well-known Doda sapphire ring or earring available only in Kashmir. Pick food from the local bakery i.e. the Kandur Wan whether it is Kulchas, Girdas or Lavaasa. Try their beautiful long dresses called the Ferin, visit the floating markets on the Dal lake and more. Shop like the Kashmiris does at various shopping markets.

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