Tokyo Cherry Blossom Ladies Only Tour with Kesari

Cherry blossoms, sounds like a new ice cream flavor or a candy, isn’t it? We are talking about the lovely Cherry Blossom season Japan is known for around the world. Celebrated for centuries, the Sakura is an important part of Japanese culture. Would you like to enjoy a quiet day picnicking under the Cherry Blossoms? How about doing that with your gang of girls or other women? An intriguing idea where you don’t have to travel with your spouse, parents, or kids in tow, isn’t it?

We at Kesari tours thought of giving you the freedom to travel and just be you with our special Tokyo Cherry Blossom My Fair lady tour. This 4N/5D tour will take you to three cities in Tokyo, Hakone, and Hitachi. Not only will you get a chance to explore the cities, but also enjoy the Sakura festival in Japan.

The Cherry blossom festival in Japan is the Sakura festival. A time when you usher the spring season when the weather gets mild enough for cherry trees to bloom. This ancient festival has important cultural significance and rituals that families in Japan see every year. Before you get ready for your holiday here are a few things about the Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo to know.

Cherry blossom month in Tokyo 2020

Often, the Cherry blossom season in Tokyo begins between the third week of March and reaches Mankai (full bloom) 7 days based on the climate. The Japanese meteorological department predicts the cherry blossom season in Tokyo will arrive a week earlier than average. The best weekend to enjoy Hanami would be March 19-29.

Significance of the cherry blossom season

The stunning Cherry blossom trees have a special significance in Japanese culture. Many believe the flowers are soldiers of Japan. You will find the flowers on paintings, in movies and literature books.

During the Second World War, the kamikaze pilots adorned their fighter planes with images of cherry blossoms before going on suicide missions. Locals believe the Japanese soldiers fell from the sky to pay tribute to the Japanese emperor as the cherry blossoms do. The cherry blossoms became a symbol of bravery and the spring season in Japan.

Families and tourists meet under the cherry blossom trees to enjoy the ancient practice of Hanami. You will find the Japanese sitting under the trees, snacking on their favorite foods and beverages, while singing and dancing, generally having a good picnic.

Must-visit places for cherry blossom trees in Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen:

One of the largest national gardens in Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen is unarguably one of the best gardens you will come across in Japan. Home to French, Japanese, and English-style flower gardens it houses around 1300 cherry blossom trees in several varieties. A good place to enjoy Sakura, people-watch, and have fun. Most cherry trees at this garden are late-blooming varieties, so you can still plan a holiday to see them.

Meguro River:

The Meguro River is another popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. There are over 800 cherry trees lining the banks of the River Meguro. You can enjoy the beautiful river meandering by with the cherry blossoms standing tall on the banks. Several food vendors lineup near the river during the blossom season. Take a stroll along the river at night when the cherry blossoms are lit-up.

Ueno Onshi Park

One of the most crowded places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo many visit the Ueno Onshi Park for Hanami. One of the biggest parks Tokyo has, there are 1,000 cherry blossom trees enclosed within the park.


Looking for the most attractive cherry blossom spot in Tokyo? Chidorigafuchi beats other places hands down. Once a part of the Edo Castle, and now the Imperial Palace, hundreds of cherry trees surround this moat. You can rent a paddleboat and enjoy watching the cherry blossoms from the water.

Yaesu Sakura Street

Bang opposite the Tokyo Station is the Yaesu Sakura Street where you can walk through a stunning and natural Sakura Tunnel 100 cherry blossom trees have created. It is an unforgettable sight for sure.

How can I celebrate Hanami in Tokyo?

Take a walk in the garden or go on a picnic under the blossoms like the traditional Hanami. People visit parks and gardens in droves to enjoy tasty food and the blooming cherry blossoms. Held for centuries in Japan the cherry blossom festival has become popular among visitors too. You can always rent a boat and row around some parks like Inokashira and Chidorigafuchi that have with ponds or moats for Hanami.

Remember, most Hanami spots are prone to crowds. So, it helps to book a picnic spot before the party. Bring your food or get some at the stalls nearby. If you prefer something Japanese opt for a Japanese lunch box i.e. the Hanami bento. Check if the park allows grilling before you make plans for Hanami.

Tokyo is best known for

Tokyo is well known for manga, Anime, electronics, and video games. Akihabara is the best place to see and find the best electronics and more. If you love electric cities, then Tokyo doesn’t disappoint. It becomes a maze of fairy and colored lights at night. Window shopping, and photography are some of the best things you can indulge in.

Has Cherry Blossom started in Tokyo?

No, The Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo is between March and April.

How long does cherry blossom last after full bloom?

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom 7 days after they first flower. These blossoms last for another 7 days before they fall off the tree.

Places to visit in Tokyo

The Imperial Palace: The 17th century Imperial Palace with its stunning gardens enclosed with walls and moats is a must-see. It is the site of the former Edo castle constructed in 1457. Make sure you get a chance to see the Nijubashi Bridge that connects inside the palace. It is called the double bridge due to its reflection in the water. The East Higashi-Gyoen garden, Kikyo-mon Gate, Visitors house i.e. the Someikan, Fujimi-yagura i.e. Mount Fuji View’s keep, the East Gardens and Inner Gate, the Seimon-tetsubashi bridge, and the Edo Castle are must-sees.

Shop at the Ginza District: One of Tokyo’s busiest streets, Ginza is as popular as New York’s Times Square but much older than it. A commercial center for centuries, it’s the place where 5 trading routes met. You will find exclusive brands, palatial stores and more at the Ginza district. A good place to wander around, window shop and sit at one of the quaint coffee shops around the district and people-watch. On weekends it transforms into the largest pedestrian zones in the world where the district lights up at sundown.

Sensō-Ji Temple: One of the famous temples in Tokyo the Sensō-Ji Temple is at the end of a long street market that houses vendors selling carvings, ebony and wooden combs, masks, kimonos, toys, textiles, and paper products. The temple honoring the Buddhist goddess of compassion Kannon was constructed in AD 645 and has been rebuilt several times since then. The well-known 3.3m high red paper lantern engraved Thunder Gate at Kaminari-mon gate, the famous Incense Vat, believed to drive away ailments; and the riveting temple doves, known as Kannon’s sacred messengers, are must-see. If you still have time, then stroll through the 50-acre temple complex with its bylanes. Visit the temple at night for a unique experience.

Is Japan safe for Indian tourists, especially women?

Japan is a safe country to visit even for women. However, like any other country, you must be careful. Follow a few dos, and don’t to avoid problems.

  • Avoid form-fitting tops or low-cut dresses
  • Look for the women-only cars on trains. They are shown in pink.
  • Take the same safety measures you would when traveling in another country.

On your trip to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo, you not only get a chance to walk through a blossom tunnel but also enjoy exploring Tokyo’s ancient history and its districts. Kesari Tours My fair lady Tokyo tour offers takes you on a memorable journey from the cherry tree viewing at Shinjuku Gyoen Park, a ride on the Tokyo Skytree to a ride on the amphibian bus and Rainbow bridge. What are you waiting for? Book a tour, pack your bags, and let Kesari Tours do the rest.

To know more check Tokyo Cherry Blossom on the website or contact the nearest Kesari Tours branch for more details.

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