Top 5 Beautiful Lakes to Explore in India For Its Sublime Beauty

Beautiful Indian lakes have always remained popular tourist attraction for people from almost every part of the world. Whether its freshwater lakes, brackish waters, salt-water lakes, or natural lakes with mystical roots there are plenty in India. Magnificent lake views, scenic beauty, surrounding mountain ranges and gorgeous valleys, and the space to enjoy and experience water sports is enough to entice tourists to explore the beautiful lakes across the country.

Cholamu Lake is known as the most beautiful lake while the Lunar Crater in Buldhana, Maharashtra is the oldest and biggest crater in the world. There are others known as spots for bird watching like the Nal Sarovar Lake, Kolleru Lake, and Pulicat Lake. The Kabar Taal is Asia’s biggest freshwater lake, and the Oxbow lake, which is well-known for its unusual U shape.

Considering there are so many lakes in India worth visiting, Kesari Tours picked the top five beautiful lakes for you.

Dal Lake

Known as the jewel of Srinagar, Dal Lake has an unsurpassed serenity. It is the second biggest lake in Kashmir and near the famous Mughal Garden. The shimmering Dal Lake makes the entire Kashmir Valley, heaven on the earth. The lake has many intricate channels and waterways to perform varieties of water activities. Don’t miss the major delights of the Dal Lake i.e. colourful shikaras, houseboats and the floating gardens. In addition, the lake’s water offers a mesmerising reflection of houseboats’ balconies and high mountain peaks of the Pir-Panjal mountain range.

Chandratal Lake

Want to enjoy lake views during your trek or a camping tour, just plan for Lahaul Spiti road trip in Himachal to visit the fantastic Chandratal Lake. The lake lies between the main Kunzum pass and a low ridge mountain area. The lake’s pristine blue water is known to energize tourists who circumambulate (Parikrama) around it. Moreover, to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sky, you should schedule your overnight stay in camps near Chandratal Lake.

Loktak Lake

Visiting the ancient Loktak Lake in Manipur is perfect for all tourists looking to experience a serene retreat away from the hustle-bustle associated with city life. As the biggest freshwater lake in northern India, Loktak supports to the surrounding communities, including the rural anglers. Another prime attraction of the lake is that it is home to the only floating national park in the world called Keibul Lamjao National Park. This national park is last natural reserve for the endangered Sangai, only found in Manipur now.

The only floating lake in the world because of the Phumdis that float around it. Phumdis are heterogamous masses of soil, vegetation and organic matter found at various decomposition stages. Phumdi located on the lake’s southeastern shore is the biggest one and it covers an area of about 40 square kilometres.

Damdama Lake

Are you fond of boating with your family members or friends? If yes, you should visit Damdama Lake, which is only a few kilometres away from the southern parts of Gurgaon, Haryana. One of the largest lakes in Haryana, you will find a variety of boating options, like Paddle Boats, Row Boats and Motor Boats. Of course, being close to the famous Aravalli Hills, a visit to the Damdama lake is a must for adventure lovers. Major adventure sports activities you can try your hand at Damdama Lake include rock climbing, parasailing, angling, cycling, camping, and trekking.

Gurudongmar Lake

Encircled all around with snow-covered mountains, Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim is one among the highest lakes of the world. The lake lies in the northern parts of Kangchenjunga Mountain Range and it freezes in the winter except at a spot, as per the local belief. Sikkim is home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Some lakes are sacred to the locals and have become places of worship. Moreover, the water in this awe-inspiring lake always stays milky round the year.

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