Top 6 Unexplored Places in Australia that are a Must Visit

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or history buff, you must plan a tour to Australia to explore its hidden gems at least once in your life. The land down under is full of amazing places that thousands across the world flock to experience and see. The continent Australia is home to places of mystique, sublime beauty, golden sandy shores and not to forget fantastic cuisine and seafood.

Uluru, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Kakadu, Philip Island, the Great Ocean Road are few of the well-known attractions, which entice tourists to visit Australia to explore its beauty. However, other than the mentioned ones, you will find other tourists spots all over the country that are worth a detour. All you must do is find the best time to visit Australia before you make any plans for a tour.

The best time to travel to Australia is during the Spring season from September to November when the weather is pleasant enough for you to take detours. You can also plan to visit in Autumn, from March to May or the winter June to August before it becomes too cold to travel.

Tourist Places in Australia at a Glance

Kakadu National Park

Tour to Australia gives an excellent opportunity to nature lovers to explore the Kakadu National Park, the biggest land-based national park of the country. The prime attractions of the park are the quintessential bushlands and wildlife of the country.

Arnhem Island of Australia

Immerse yourself in the culture, tradition, and wilderness of Australia with your visit to Arnhem Island. The land is home to magnificent waterfalls, gorges, rainforests, rivers, remote islands, and many towering escarpments. Other than enjoying the nature’s beauty, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a few fishing activities in the island’s tidal rivers and floodplain billabongs the local accredited fishing tour guides organize.

Limestone Coast in Robe

Limestone Coast town in Robe is one of the top places you should not miss in Australia. For many years, the town has been wooing its visitors with large numbers of stunning beaches, seaside vibe, fine-dining restaurants, and quirky shops. Do not miss taking photos in the surrounding Obelisk, which features dramatic white and red stripes caused due to thunderous waves crashing against the cliff.

The Beauty of Castlemaine County

Castlemaine is also an excellent destination in Australia, which offers varieties of entertainment options that grab the attention of tourists across the world. These include antiques and collectables, day spas, tranquil botanical gardens, grand old buildings, outstanding painting collections by local artists, magnificent jewellery, music, and textiles. Besides this, Castlemaine county is perfect for food lovers, as it is home to many food centers offering delicious dishes made using olive oil, local cheese, cider, and similar others.

ACDC Lane of Melbourne

ACDC Lane of Melbourne is a must-visit for both music and art lovers. Here you will find some of the most legendary rock bands and fantastic graffiti depicting the city of Melbourne in detail. Moreover, if you want to take a break from regular sightseeing, you may find many restaurants and snack centres to enjoy varieties of Aussie foods, including the Cherry Bar.

Wave Rock in Western Australia

To make the most from your visit to Australia, don’t forget to visit the famous Wave Rock in Western Australia. Bearing the shape of a tall breaking wave of a sea or ocean, Wave Rock is about 300 feet long and 50 feet high, while it forms the northern side of Hyden Rock. According to geologists, the Wave Rock is the ultimate example of flared slope formed at the base of inselberg i.e. isolated rock hill jutting from the surrounding plain.

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