Top 7 Once in a Lifetime Adventures to have on Your Visit to Europe

Whether it’s catching an opera in Vienna, having afternoon tea in London, visiting the palace in Versailles, buying leather in Florence, or catching a glimpse of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower there is plenty you can experience and enjoy in Europe. To see everything in Europe will take lifetimes and you may still miss out on something.

We at Kesari Tours picked a few adventures you must try once when you visit Europe.

Explore Magnificent Structures and Catacombs at Rome

Whether you are a history buff looking to add to your knowledge or want to experience the best sightseeing tour, you must include Rome in your list of places to see in Europe. Other than exploring the magnificent structures in the city of Rome, like the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, you will get a chance to explore the underground Roman Catacombs too.

Here, catacombs refer to ancient tombs, burial chambers, and memorials from the historic periods, when Christians were said to be pagans. Don’t miss a visit to other famous European destinations Basilica San Clement and the well-known Capuchin Crypt while exploring Romanian catacombs.

Experience Roller Coaster Ride at Barcelona

Are you looking for adventurous things to do in Europe? If yes, you must get on the gravity-defying roller coaster rides in Barcelona. Depending on the time in hand, you may choose from several types of roller coasters at the famous Port Aventura Park in Spain. Especially, if you are a true adventure lover, you should experience steel made sit-down roller coaster ride for 1minute and 45second in Dragon Khan roller coaster based on a Chinese theme.

The most interesting aspects of the roller are the eight inversions, cobra rolls, and zero gravity move. If you have enough courage, you may try riding the fastest and the tallest roller coaster called Red Force present in Ferrari Land. The roller coaster takes you for a ride in five seconds traveling at the speed of 180km/hour.

Participate in Flamenco Dance at Barcelona

If you are a music lover, don’t miss a chance of taking part in the Flamenco dance hosted at different music venues at Barcelona. Flamenco dance and music form starts with a few notes played out on guitar stirrings and later, continues with slow and incessant stamping of heels energetically. The best thing about enjoying flamenco dance at Barcelona while exploring Europe is the music does not require any amp or microphone; instead, it involves only unadulterated passion. Never miss visiting the traditional Tablao which is known for its authentic flamenco dances. Just look for places to visit in Europe to enjoy the Flamenco or Tabloa dance in Barcelona.

Visit the Largest Ice Caves in Austria

Travelers willing to make the most of their Europe tour should visit the Werfen village in Austria. Here you will find the largest ice caves of the world named Eisriesenwelt. Listed among the best places to visit in Europe, the ice cave extends to about 48 kilometers in height, allowing tourists to explore labyrinth crevices and nooks formed near Salzach River that flows through the famous Tennengebirge Mountains.

Canal tour in Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam, get some fried herring, a drink before you hop on a canal tour. Get a chance to peek inside some of the most astonishing lavish townhouses as you float along the canal.

White water rafting in the Alps in Austria

Head over to the mountains, don’t forget to don a wetsuit before you go white water rafting through the Alps in Austria. Absolutely, THE ALPS! You will enjoy it so much you may even forget the mountains are freezing. Don’t forget white water rafting is one of the adventurous things to do in Europe.

Sail around the Greek Islands

Of course, you can sail around Santorini, Mykonos, and Patmos—but exploring the unexplored isles of Paros, Antiparos, and Pano Koufonisi is even better. The beaches are pristine, the tavernas have a rustic charm, and the pace of life is wonderfully slow. There are very few nightclubs, lively restaurants, or high-end shores but there are enough whitewashed hillock towns with secret swimming caves you can see and explore.

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