Top 7 Things to Pack to Make Your Monsoon Travel Easy Today

We are back to the time when the rain gods take pity on people sweltering in the summer heat all through May. It’s time to take out the rain gear and gear up for the wet season. It’s also when mountain tops, gushing waterfalls, and the nature around you turns a vibrant green, making for some fascinating and fantastic weekend getaways.

The rainy season can make traveling in almost every part of the world trying. If you have plans to holiday or travel during monsoon, it is vital that you include a few important things to pack in your luggage.

Good Quality Raincoat or Rain-cheaters

Whether you want to travel in India or any other country in the world, don’t forget to pack a good-quality rain jacket or raincoat in your bags. Particularly, opt for a long and trench style coat. Moreover, your raincoat can be made from thin and breathable materials, so, that you can easily pack it in your bag if you have concerns related to packing light. Your raincoat must have an overhanging hood, large enough to keep the rain off your face.

Strong Umbrellas

Other than raincoats, travel umbrellas are one of the essential items you must include in your travel-packing list if you plan to travel during the monsoons. A major benefit of a specially designed travel umbrella is that it is sturdy and strong enough to avoid being turned inside out. Of course, in a few cases, new-age fancy umbrellas offer other benefits as well, such as faster drying, internet connectivity and carry on handles that allow for easy packing.

Rainproof Knapsacks

This is an absolute must if you want your favorite smartphone, handy-cam, and camera, along with your wallet, and other important documents, like visa, passport protected while traveling to places known to receive heavy rainfall. We are talking about buying rainproof knapsacks or a plastic case to keep each of your electronic devices and important documents dry and secure. Of course, if there is enough space in your knapsack then you can carry a spare set of clothes and a few emergency items.

Rainproof Footwear

Traveling during the monsoon involves walking outside on muddy and slippery surfaces. In such cases, it is essential that you choose to pack monsoon-friendly footwear like hiking boots, waders, or rainproof shoes. However, walking, wearing boots all day long is difficult. To resolve this issue, you should also pack flip-flops and rubber sandals in your luggage. Remember, walking in muddy water could also mean chances of contracting waterborne malaises, so, make sure you wear closed shoes and wash your feet thoroughly once you are done with travel for the day.

Monsoon-friendly Clothes

Just like monsoon friendly footwear, you must include monsoon-friendly clothes in your travel bag. For this, you should choose tees and pants made of polyester or other synthetic fabrics, as they do not soak the moisture and tend to dry quickly. Quick-dry clothes are handy as you don’t have to be miserably wet while traveling. This is vital if you plan on walking through muddy areas. Carry a few knee-length pants and opt for dark colors that don’t turn transparent when wet.

Essential Medication, Ointments, and First-aid Supplies

Lastly, make sure to pack your essential meds without fail. Also, carry antiseptic creams, antibiotics, and first-aid supplies, including adhesive plasters and/or bandages and band-aids, mosquito repellents, dry wipes, hand towels etc.

These are a few items you must pack before you travel during the monsoons. Remember, avoid drinking water outside. Instead, carry your water with you. Make sure you eat hot food and in good eating places. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly. If you’re done packing, let’s Kesari Tours help you plan your next monsoon adventure.

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