Ultimate Destinations in the World for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate has been a must-try for centuries, going back to the Incans and Aztecs. Holidays are a chance to pander to your fancies—and what could be better than treating yourself to the decadent richness of chocolate? Indulge your sweet tooth and plan a holiday around pure, cacao-filled ecstasy. Whether it’s hot chocolate worthy of a trip, appetizing chocolate museum tickets, or the chance to enjoy a vacay in a chocolate-themed hotel, there’s a world of chocolate joys in the making, and Kesari Tours has a list of places for Chocolate Lovers, you shouldn’t miss.

Broc in Switzerland

Chocolate for chocolate lovers

Talk of chocolates and Switzerland tops the list of destinations you must visit. Known for their decadent milk-chocolates, not visiting the city of Broc is a crime. From the world-famous Maison Callier to others there are several chocolatiers you can visit. Moreover, if you have interests in knowing the methods involved in the making of chocolates, opt for the hour-long tour and talk at Maison Cailler factory. Other than letting you know the secrets of making Swiss chocolates, the factory lets you satisfy your chocolate tooth. Of course, don’t forget the Swiss capital Zurich, which is also known the world over for its sumptuous Lindt and Sprungli chocolates.

Brussels in Belgium

Brussels in Belgium is one of the preferable destinations for those looking to enjoy their favorite chocolate delicacies. The biggest city and the capital of Belgium, people call Brussels the chocolate capital of the world. Brussels has several chocolate makers in a single square foot than any other city in the world. You may come across several creative and independent chocolate makers, however, Brussels is home not only to the two most famous chocolate companies -Leonidas and Godiva; but also, home to other favorites like Jean Galler, Wittamer Passion Chocolat, and Pierre Marcolini.

Don’t forget, a visit to the famous Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa (Musee du Cacao et du Chocolate) is a must. You will get a chance to learn about the history of chocolates, and its journey along the way. You can opt for a guided chocolate tour to understand more about making chocolates.

Bariloche in Argentina

Whether you like chocolates filled with fruits, crisp nuts, almonds, fruit-stuffed chocolates, or plain chocolate bars, you will find this Bariloche -a small town at the foothills of the Andes in Argentina is the perfect destination for every cocoa lover. To enjoy the ultimate taste of Argentina’s chocolates, go for a walk-through Calle Mitre, which is full of chocolatiers and chocolate factories that offer the best chocolate bargains. Don’t forget to get a taste of their artisanal ice-creams as well.

Tuscany in Italy

Almost everyone across the world recognizes Tuscany in Italy for its fine wine and picturesque vineyards. However, few know that Tuscany has excellent gourmet stores and factories dedicated to making and supplying several varieties of chocolates. Explore the Chocolate Valley in Tuscany and visit the three major areas i.e. Pisa, Montecatini, and Florence. In addition, Vestri is an ideal place to enjoy the Sicilian orange gelato and dark chocolates. If this is not enough, plan a visit the city of Florence during the Valentine Week i.e. between February 6 and February 15 when you can enjoy the goodness of handmade chocolates and an ultimate taste of the cocoa powder.

London in England

Think artisanal chocolates and the name London pops up for sure. It is one of the best places to enjoy varieties of artisanal chocolates. The chocolate revolution in England just began a few years ago when well-known chocolatiers decided to forego preservatives and chemicals to make chocolates. The new artisanal chocolates made using the finest chemical-free local ingredients are getting popular every day. Approximately, a dozen high-end chocolate suppliers have set-up shop in London.

If reading about these places has increased your desire to taste some wonderful chocolates, then wait no more. Connect with Kesari Tours today.

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