Unique Destinations for an Unforgettable Your Pre-wedding Shoot

No wedding these days is complete without a pre-wedding shoot that captures some of your most memorable moments on film. Capturing beautiful memories, emotions, and special moments, which will make you smile thinking about them is what makes photographs important. That’s exactly what a pre-wedding shoot is all about when it comes to weddings.

Whether it is your home, a beach nearby or a destination shoot there are several unique destinations for your pre-wedding shoot you can check out. Before you start looking for the best destinations to capture your outstanding pre-wedding photos, you must choose the best time for your pre-wedding shoot. Generally, the morning and evening hours are the best times for any pre-wedding shoot. This is because; during these hours, you will get perfect light to shoot photos in unusual backgrounds and in various appealing poses of your own choice.

There are so many destinations you can pick for your pre-wedding shoot. To make it easy Kesari Tours curated a list of the top pre-wedding shoot destinations for you


Whether you want to capture your pre-wedding snaps near a lake or a royal palace, you will find Udaipur is the perfect destination for it. For years, Udaipur has remained a favourite city among visitors looking to capture stunning photos and creating memories of a lifetime. Don’t miss taking a few pre-wedding photos near Fateh Sagar, an artificial lake flowing towards the city’s northwestern area. Other prime attractions of Fateh Sagar are three little islands surrounding it, among which the Nehru Park is the biggest one. What would be better than clicking photos with a lake as the backdrop and the beautiful Nehru Park Island at the centre?


As the capital city of India, Delhi is home to many architectural marvels and famous places that would make for stunning backdrops for your pre-wedding shoots. However, if you want a unique wedding shoot theme, try the National Rail Museum, Delhi. The museum lets couples to have their pre-wedding shoot with plenty of antique trains and other similar scenarios. The best part of the Rail Museum is that it provides you series of angles to let your photographer click the best photos at almost every angle you want.

Leh Ladakh

All of us know that Leh and Ladakh are perfect places to explore the serene and scenic beauty of mother nature. Other than a rich culture, high mountain ranges and monasteries, Leh and Ladakh are known for their popular venues to get the best out of your pre-wedding photo shoot. Especially, if you have plans to capture pre-wedding photos with a lakeside view, choose the famous Pangong Lake -a sparkling blue lake, which freezes during the winter months. An interesting feature of the lake it consistently changes its colour i.e. it changes to grey or green from light blue.F


From the Buddhist monasteries, Abbey Falls, to the lush scenic greenery, Coorg is a stunning pre-wedding shoot destination you must explore. Get inventive and take a break from the cliched syrupy shoots, plan a film that expresses your personalities. A dreamy shoot in the waterfalls or a relaxed shot in the extensive foliage in Coorg will add a pinch a pizzazz to a fantastic pre-wedding shoot!

Have you picked a destination yet? If you haven’t, connect with Kesari Tours to get a customized holiday package especially for a pre-wedding shoot.

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