What to expect at Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival this year?

Do you know what Cherry Blossoms are? Haven’t you seen images of beautiful cherry blossom trees in Japan? If you have, then you will know people in Japan have been celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival for centuries. These blossoms signify spring and renewal of life. The festival has a significant place in the country’s culture.

An interesting fact is that Japan is home to diverse species of cherry trees but most bloom only for 2 days only in the spring. The Japanese celebrate the blooming of cherry trees. Every year, people organize parties, gather family members, friends, and colleagues to sit on plastic mats beneath the blossoming cherry trees.

What is the significance of the cherry blossom season?

Called Sakura, the cherry blossom flowers hold a special place in Japan’s culture. These blooming flowers resemble the images of Japanese soldiers and appear in almost everything, whether it is a film, painting, literature, or painting.

The cherry blossoms were important during the Second World War, as Japanese kamikaze pilots decorated their fighter planes with cherry blossom images before going on suicide missions. Japanese soldiers died in the same way as beautiful cherry petals fall from the sky to honor the emperor of Japan.

Later, the cherry blossom became an important part of Japan’s philosophical tradition. Every year, in April, families in Japan gather under a flowering cherry blossom tree to perform a long-standing tradition referred to as Hanami. During this ceremony, the Japanese have their favorite food and beverages, enjoy songs, and appreciate the beauty of cherry blossom flowers and the beauty of Mother Nature. If you go for a walk at night like most couples, the custom is called yozakura

Best places to see cherry blossom trees in Japan

If you’d like to see the cherry blossom trees or take part in the festival of Cherry Blossom in Japan check out the places mentioned below.

Castle Park Hirosaki

Hirosaki Castle Park is home to about 2,600 flowering cherry trees in Japan. It is one of the best locations to see the fantastic cherry blossom trees.

Mitsuike Koen Park in Yokohama

Listed among the popular cherry blossom spots in Japan Mitsuike Koen Park in Yokohama has more than a thousand cherry blossom trees surrounding three ponds.

Mount Yoshino in Nara

Cherry trees were planted on Mount Yoshino’s slopes 1300 years ago for the first time. Later, the landmark became a popular place to see the cherry trees blossom. At Mt. Yoshino you will see about 30,000 cherry trees of diverse colors and types while you also explore idyllic temples, shrines and parks along the way.

Takato Castle Park in Nagano

Not just its breathtaking place, but Takato Castle Park in Nagano is also known for the 1500 pink cherry trees.

How can I celebrate?

Depending on the place you visit in Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival, you may get to celebrate the cherry blossoms. The Hanami custom has become a key occasion in Japan so, locals host various activities, organize food and beverage stalls to entice more tourists each year. In some places, the tradition of watching the blossoms is more like having a picnic under the flowering trees. You can also carry barbecued foods, homemade meals, or purchase food near one of the parks.

When does cherry blossom season start?

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival dates and months vary according to different cities and areas. However, most of them take place at any time between March and May. In contrast, a few other regions host this festival in January and February depending solely on a location. The Japanese decide the festival dates based on the forecasts of cherry blossom growth.

How many tourists visit Japan each year?

With a consistent increase in the popularity of Cherry Blossoms in Japan, approximately 5 million tourists from various parts of the world visit Japan every year to be part of the festival between March and April. The Japanese Government plans to entice around 40 million foreign visitors by 2020.

What to do in Japan

Just visiting to see the Cherry Blossoms is not enough. Japan is home to several places that you must visit at least once. Read on to know

Mount Fuji

Your Japan tour will remain incomplete if you do not see Mount Fuji i.e. the highest volcanic mountain of Japan. Other than a volcano, the symmetrical cone of the mountain is the major attraction of Mount Fuji in the country.

Shinkansen Trains

Japan is not only known for its outstanding technology but also its excellent railway network. While going for a tour to Japan, you should make sure to ride in at least one Shinkansen train i.e. the fastest possible bullet train running at approximately 300 kilometers per hour.

Explore the Geisha Culture

Whether you’d love to know more about Japanese culture and tradition or simply love traveling to novel places, don’t forget the Geishas. Geishas have played a significant role in Japan over the centuries. Geisha women entertain people through diverse arts, along with singing and dancing activities.

Tea Ceremonies

Want to have a tea break after a long day of sightseeing in Japan, just attend a famous tea ceremony in the country i.e. Way of Tea. The ceremonial preparation and presentation of powdered green tea i.e. Matcha are included in tea ceremonies. Understand Japan’s tea culture and enjoy a hot cup of soothing tea for sure.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan will let you explore the Japanese culture, tradition, and various other aspects of Japan. Kesari Tours organizes Japan with Cherry Blossom tours every year. These tours offer you a chance to not only experience the beautiful cherry trees in full bloom, but you can also tour Japan at the same time. From the Tokyo Skytree, Shinjuku Gyoen Park, the Rainbow Bridge to the amphibian bus ride you can enjoy several activities. All you need to do is pack and book a tour, Kesari Tours will do the rest for you.

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