Best Travel Destinations for Art Lovers

Whether it is spectacular community sculptures, world-famous art galleries or a growing street art scene, the best cities for art lovers are distributed across the globe and make for an ideal destination for travel anytime. Cities home to fantastic art scene have a local as well as global appeal. Their art centers and arcades offer a photographic history of the native philosophy, sceneries, and the public, while their artistic dynamism lures gifted artists from around the world.

We at Kesari found some of the best cities for art lovers, fantastic street art options in the world from well-known travel must-visits like Montreal, Paris to the new up-and-coming artistic hubs like Mexico and Lagos. Whether you’re into canvases or taking pictures, figurines or boulevard art, the top 5 cities in this list offer a pictorial banquet of the best art galleries in the world for tourists.

Top 5 Cities for art lovers

Paris: Paris is an art lover’s paradise what with it being home to more than thousand art galleries spread across the city. From grand art museums like The Louvre that is home to Mona Lisa, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s finest works, the Centre Pompidou, the Musee d’Orsay, are a must on any art fan’s bucket list. If medieval art strikes your fancy, then the Musee de Cluny for medieval art is the place to be. For art from Asia try the Musee Cernuschi and the Belleville neighborhood is known for its vivacious street art in Paris. You may want to check out the Underground Paris or Viator for a street art tour.

Beijing: Beijing -the new hub for contemporary art, where the 798 Art District is right in the middle of the art scene. From old industrial buildings turned to galleries and alfresco art set-ups. You can stroll through the area yourself or take a tour. The National Art Museum of China is an exciting halt for varying displays of both local and global art. If you would rather see antiques, then the Poly Art Museum for early bronze works from the Shang and Zhou dynasties is the right place.

Florence: If you love the idea of Renaissance Art, then no other destination but Florence will do. Florence is the place where you can see Michelangelo’s famous works, along with his sculpture of David sculpture. The Galleria dell’Accademia and the Galleria degli Uffizi are must-visits. You get a chance to see masterworks like Birth of the Venus by Botticelli’s and Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael. While Revival may be your focus, but the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina in Florence is where contemporary art fans can get their fix.

Singapore: Singapore may be a finance hub, however, it’s the avenues for Art are quite remarkable. From native art options like the Singapore Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the National Gallery Singapore, which manages the world’s largest collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art, the city is filled with fine art places. Moreover, just walking through its boulevards will showcase several spectacular community sculptures like Chong Fah Cheong’s First Generation near Cavenagh Bridge and Salvador Dali’s Tribute to Newtown at the UOB Plaza.

Montreal: Montreal is a town of many attractions, especially the flamboyant museums and art arcades. Begin at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which often has outstanding displays together with an extensive collection of Inuit artist works and 20th-century Canadian Art. To see New Age art, the Museum of Contemporary Art is worth checking. Old Montreal’s cobblestone streets and the new downtown area is where you will find several private art avenues.

Whether it is the museums of Paris or the artsy boulevards of Mexico, these are some of the best places for artists to live in the world. If art tickles your imagination, then start planning a holiday today with Kesari Tours’ help.