Know More About Offbeat Destinations in China

Travelled to most of the part of this oriental odyssey, knowing every nook and corner? You probably feel that you have seen and explored everything that China has in store! Well, the truth is you haven’t have seen what this geographically vast the country has to offer.

Kesari Tours offer some of the best offbeat destinations in the China holiday packages.

Xiamen city: Located along the eastern coastline of China, this is a perfect place for the romantic getaway. Portuguese inspired architecture this city is known for its seaside attractions, the beautiful natural landscapes and a suitable climate all around the year makes it a favourite amongst th-tourists the world over. Xiamen city with a romantic backdrop makes it as an unusual destination making its way into offbeat China tour packages.


Qingdao city: Another large and less explored city in Shandong province in eastern China. This place was once under the Germans for a fairly long period (30 years) which clearly is visible in the architecture of the city having Dutch imprints. The city houses many breweries because of their colonial domination. As an offbeat China tour package, you can witness the annual beer festival celebrated here with some exquisite food and entertainment shows.


Sanya: What makes Sanya as a destination amongst the offbeat China tour packages is the Tropical beaches! Yes, you heard us right. A perfect Hawaiian city in China. The pretty beaches and islands provide a quick retreat from the nick and knacks of the city life.With plentiful sun, and sand you can imagine the utmost beach experience here. You can engage in some fun adventure activities or just laze around in the sun. There are a number of restaurants serving nice local seafood. And, if you are not a beach person you can still visit the Nanshan Temple, housing a giant Guanyin statue and the monastery.


Harbin: Any China trip in search of offbeat destinations isn’t complete without a visit to the Harbin city. Once a small village now a bustling city, the place clearly bears the imprint of Russia (nearby neighbouring country) in its food, architecture. The baroque or the Byzantine style of spires and cupolas is clearly visible in buildings and monuments.


The cold weather season of the city is tackled by the myriads of hot steam and sauna bath salons found in almost all the parts of the city. So, you can easily relax and unwind yourself (despite the weather being very cold!). There are many ski resorts located here. And if you prefer the crazy nightlife, the place has some of the craziest night bars and pubs.

Excited already? But worried how to go about it. Well, we have you covered with Kesari Tours offbeat China tour packages. Travel and explore some of these least known and less travelled destinations in China.