List of best Sri Lankan food you must try on your Sri lanka tour

Mentioned in several ancient Indian texts, this island was once a fortress for the demon king Ravan. Also called Ceylon before it was officially named Sri Lanka, the island has witnessed to settlers, kings, colonisations and more. Boundless beaches, ageless ruins, friendly people, lots of elephants, the fabulous rolling surf, economical prices, enjoyable trains, famed tea and appetizing food make Sri Lanka enticing

Sri Lanka may be the land of beautiful beaches and the quintessential tea, but it is also the place for delectable mouth-watering food especially fragrant curries and rice. Though you may find food here similar to South Indian cuisine, Sri Lankan cuisine has its own distinguishing flavours. Sri Lankan cuisine has the reflections of its colonial past particularly in the bread locally known as Theti Paan and Roast Paan.

The Sri Lankan food menu has huge diversity, which can be traced back to the ethnic diversity of the magnificent island country. Traders from India, Arabia, Africa, and Europe brought their native cooking techniques and flavours, that have found expression in the Sri Lankan food.

So, here is a curated list by Kesari Tours of best Sri Lankan food you shouldn’t miss when in Sri Lanka.

  1. Asmi: A very basic kind of dish prepared from milk, rice, cinnamon leaves, and coconut milk. This is one of the Sri Lankan traditional foods made with rice. It is an integral part of any festival or auspicious celebrations.


  1. Rice and curry: Rice is a staple diet in Sri Lanka. You won’t find a single household that will not eat rice in any form. The curry is prepared using meat, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Being a tropical country fresh vegetables and flavourful spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and saffron are available easily. Sometimes potato curry is also prepared to be eaten with rice.


  1. Coconut roti: A quick and easy meal, usual ingredients are wheat, rice, freshly grated coconut, and a little dash of oil. This roti goes well with a chilli relish and syrup. This roti is a product of the colonial influence on the island country.


  1. Fish Ambul Thiyal or Sour fish curry: This is one of the most common dishes that you can find in Sri Lanka. Usually, it is served with rice. It is a flavourful dish mostly tangy, cooked well until the gravy is almost dry. You might find it crazily spiced but this is one of the best Sri Lankan foods you don’t want to miss.


  1. Hoppers or Appam: This is Sri Lankan version of pancakes. If you eat eggs you can order an egg hopper, which is usually served with spicy sambhar sauce. There are many more variations to this dish like string hoppers.


  1. Chicken curry: Also known as kukul mas curry is like national dish of Philippines. It is different in the sense it has a unique blend of coconut and spices. Best enjoyed with hot rice and roti.


  1. Polos or the Jackfruit curry: If your search for the best Sri Lankan food is still on then you must try this jackfruit curry. It is cooked until the jackfruit is tender and almost tastes like soft meat. It won’t be wrong to say after you eat this dish that Sri Lankans love their curries.


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