The USA East Coast- A Beach Holiday Meets Desert Safari

Travelling for a holiday is more than just rest and relaxation. It means getting to know more about another culture, a chance to see another part of the world, marveling at nature’s largesse and creating memories of a lifetime. Among the many destinations you could travel to, the USA tops the list.

Home to 50 beautiful and fascinating states, the USA East Coast takes the cake when you are looking for a beach holiday or want to experience the sand dunes for yourself. Fringed by uber-chic and rich cities like New York and Chicago, filled with dune-backed seashores, misty highlands, alligator marshes, and immersed in melodic roots, the USA East Coast tours make for a sweet trip.

Check out the east coast USA tour packages that Kesari Tours offers. You rest assure that you will get a chance to experience all that the east coast has to offer. What makes it so special?

Well, here are a few reasons…

Massive Megapolises

Filled with millions of people, the New York megacity casts a shadow over the east coast, with its incredible cosmopolitan culture, gastronomical fare and plenty of entertainment options. The town of authority Washington, DC, the misty Chicago, and sizzling, Latin-suffused Miami rise as unique cityscapes. Dig deeper and you will the enchanting New Orleans old quarters, revitalized from sopping vestiges, and the edgy Detroit, where millennials are assembling to change the old town.

Fabulous Shorelines and Little lanes

The East Coast is the place to be when you are looking for beaches to laze on, from the remote sandbanks to Cape Cod – a whale paradise, to the stores lining the Ocean City boardwalks and the fabulous the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. Nature offers a fantastic peek into the marshy Florida Wetlands, cloudy Appalachian Mountains and forests of New England that glow orange, red and yellow each summer. Quaint side streets where you can enjoy the scenery, from the momentous Civil War battlegrounds to cheesy curbside charms.

Food lovers Paradise

USA east coast tours are incomplete without a taste of its fabulous cuisine. If fresh seafood makes your mouth water, then head to Maine’s seafood shacks that are famous for their massive steamed lobsters with melted butter, succulent chargrill ribs in Memphis’ taverns, Manhattan’s deli bagels and lox, extra spicy bisque in New Orleans’ snack bars, buttery biscuits in diners of North Carolina, and for dessert, try thick slabs of berry tart. To slake your thirst, try the sweet white wines, craft brews, and smoky bourbon.

Must-visits to check out

On your east coast America tours, make it a point to check out these must-visits. The museums here are the country’s best – the Smithsonian, that is home to almost everything, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the place for historic relics, and the Art Institute of Chicago with its room full of Impressionist Art. If you love music then explore the origins of the rock-n-roll, blues, and jazz, at musical centers like the place where Elvis sang the Memphis’ Sun Studio; Cleveland’s Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, for object d’art at Jimi Hendrix’ Stratocaster; and the jukebox cafés of Clarksdale, where the first blues tune was ever played. For some of the best sky-high architecture and fabulous shopping check New York and Chicago designs.

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