Top 11 Things Not to Miss When in Australia

The land of diversity with the marvels of nature, open spaces, the awe-inspiring wildlife, and the city life, Australia is a retreat for a traveller who seeks diversity. Soaking sun on the luxurious beaches, or exploring the coral reefs, the safaris, or some nightlife, you name it and the land of ‘down under’ has it and what better way to do that than with your trusted travel partner Kesari Tours.

Things not to miss in Australia

Fraser Island: Situated off the coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island boasts of the unique coloured sand-cliffs, rainforests, and some freshwater pools like the Lake Wabby, and Lake McKenzie.

Uluru: Popularly known as the Ayer’s Rock, in the Northern Territory, is the giant sandstone monolith. Believed to be more than 700 million years old and revered by the aboriginals, it is one of the best places to visit in Australia. From the dawn to dusk the landscape undergoes a transformation from brown to red, orange, and grey.

The Twelve Apostles: Standing tall, the magnificent limestone stacks, with a four-hour 151-mile scenic drive along the Great Ocean Road is one of the things not to miss in Australia. This drive is known as one of the best road trips globally.

Graffiti Alleys of Melbourne: The Melbourne street art is the best in the world. It is an explosive expression of colour and flair that offers a truly spectacular experience when you see it for the first time


Snorkeling and diving at the Great Barrier Reef: A full day excursion is the best way to get the most of this world-famous reef. The Great Barrier Reef has some of the unique sites of remarkable aquatic and marine life. It is indeed once in a lifetime experience to try scuba diving or snorkeling here.

Trek at Tasmania: Amongst the top things to do in Australia, is to trek along the short trails of temperate rainforests here. One of the best ways to admire a place is to explore a place on foot. The small island state, Tasmania, off the southern coast of Australia, is every hiker’s dream come true. You may opt for a guided walk or do it independently as per your liking.

Whale watching in Brisbane: This is one of the things not to miss in Australia as there aren’t many places in the world offering a whale-watching experience.


Roasted lamb with apricots: Believed to be the national dish of Australia, is a must try if you are a non-vegetarian. The dish pairs well with the Australian Shiraz.

Chocolate Pavlova: Basically, a dessert, meringue layered with fruit and whipped cream. The chocolate version of the dish acquires a prominent position amongst fantastic Australian food.


Tim Tams: A biscuit, with flavours like white chocolate, dark mint, honeycomb to name a few. The best way to enjoy this is to bite off one of the ends of the biscuit and use it as a straw to sip your hot chocolate or coffee.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment: It is an excellent remedy for minor burns, cuts, rashes, insect bite, and doubles up to be used as a lip balm. Made from the indigenous Australian papaws is a must buy when you are here.

So, whatever is your hearts’ desire, a serene beach vacation, or an exciting trek, Australia promises to give you a memorable time of your life. And what better than to do that with Kesari Tours as your trusted travel partner. So, hurry book your holiday today!