Just as you celebrate Easter in your country, other regions across the globe never forget this important day. So, here’s a list which takes you through countries which have celebrations in the best possible style. Do contact Kesari Tours just in case you plan to visit these countries during Easter.



Since inhabitants of Finland observe cold climatic conditions all year round, children on Easter dress themselves in trendy apparels. These are nothing but overcoats, and scarves around their heads. As they go about begging down the streets, they carry willow twigs, coffeepots and broomsticks. But, the case is different in Western Finland. Easter Sunday is celebrated by burning bonfire, a tradition with a belief of driving away witches who fly between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.



It might not be related in any way, but Poland follows a tradition known as ‘Smingus-Dyngus’. On Easter Monday, youngsters fool others by drenching them with buckets of water or anything that is within their reach. According to a belief, girls who get wet would soon get married. The tradition stems from the era when the Polish Prince, Mieszko got baptized in 966 AD. The team working at Kesari Tours assures you with the best packages if you are eager to watch how Poland celebrates Easter.

Haux, France

Haux France giant_easter_omelette1

Every year, a big omelet made up of 4,500 eggs is served. The concept originated when Napoleon and his soldiers were travelling to southern France and they stopped midway to savor an omelet. Since the political leader liked the omelet he asked the villagers to gather eggs and cook a giant omelet for the next day. The food item was to be cooked for the entire group of soldiers. Kesari Tours would be more than happy to assist you with a package if you desire to go for a trip somewhere around Easter.



It’s interesting to know that Norway celebrates Easter differently. It’s the time when people are busy reading crime novels which hit the market as ‘Easter Thrillers’ or ‘Paaskekrimmen’. The year 1923 was known to be the beginning of such a tradition. It was then when a book publisher succeeded in promoting his novel on the front pages of the newspaper. While the advertisement seemed to be some news among headlines, people couldn’t make out that it was a publicity stunt.

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