Top 5 unexplored countries worth exploring

Just like any other industry travel isn’t oblivious to changing trends. The world, having so many destinations and places to explore, most of the traveler’s visit the most talked about popular destinations. For example, Santorini is the new Kuala Lumpur, and so is Cuba, which is dominating the travelers’ bucket list of places to see. This means that you may not get to see everything in the places you wish you visited.

However, if you want more value for your money and love to explore the unexplored, then the best thing to do is travel to the least known countries in the world. From obscure islands in Africa to Cambodia, popular art cities in the Swiss Alps, to not so touristy Thailand city to the islands in the French Caribbean these overlooked places are worth a visit.

Read along Kesari Tours curated a list of top five places from least travelled countries in the world.

Reunion Island: Most of the travellers wishing to explore some African island have a usual escape to Mauritius, Seychelles, and Zanzibar. The Reunion Island has had a deep impact on the French, Chinese, and African cultures and the natural surroundings of some of the spectacular waterfalls and active volcanoes. Though is it one of the least visited countries, the Reunion Island is easy on your pocket offering the best any tropical country could.


Koh Rong in Cambodia: Though it is the second largest islands in Cambodia, it is mostly undeveloped and lacks any good hotels. It is home to around 4 villages with plenty of foreigner-owned guest houses and bungalows. This makes it one of the least visited countries in the world. Though visiting it now before it becomes a commercial travel hub has a few advantages. You can explore it at your pace, enjoy staying with the locals and relax in the pristine untouched nature, laze around long white-sand beaches, try fishing, or coral spotting and the starry sky and the shining plankton.


Basel in Switzerland: Popular as the art capital of the world, boasting Renaissance architecture and history this charming city still finds itself on the list of least visited countries of the world. Sharing borders with Germany and France and sitting over the Rhine River, Basel has as many as 40 museums to explore and plenty of stunning architecture to see. Of course, not to be missed are stunning views of the Rhine, the sublime sunsets, botanical gardens and parks. It is also Switzerland’s oldest university city, with a town hall made of red sandstone, and a Gothic Roman style cathedral.


Chiang Rai in Thailand: When we hear Thailand the places that first comes to our mind are Bangkok and Phuket. Chiang Rai, however, finds itself on the least visited countries of the world. The place has a unique charm of its own, with plenty of beautiful temples, yummy food, and most pocket-friendly accommodations.


Guadeloupe: Comprising of five islands and located in the South Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe has many attractions and nice stay options for its visitors. However, the place is still as popular amongst the tourists. The Salée River divides the two largest islands that resemble a butterfly. A popular visiting spot for the French, the place is yet unexplored. Explore the beautiful untouched beaches, sugarcane farms, snorkel at the Grande-Terre and see the volcano at the La Grande Soufrière. Don’t forget the colourful markets at the Marché Saint-Antoine. With affordable stay options and a good weather year-round Guadeloupe has enough brownie points for traveler’s to consider visiting it.les-sainte-guadeloupe-Kesari-Tours