Top 5 Travel Tips to Have a Smashing Summer Vacation This Year

It’s that time of the year again when your kids are out of school and college. The season to gorge on the gorgeous sun-kissed mangoes, slurping on ice candies, ice-creams, stocking up on refreshing juices and taking a trip to your native place with kids in tow or packing your bags and jet-setting off to a place where it’s not as scorching as it is here, in India.

Haven’t you wondered how is it that some people manage to have great summer vacation and you always manage to stay one step close to almost disaster? Well, the trick to having a gala time is to plan well and keep a few things in mind. Right from packing the right clothes to keeping a few snackable items, there are many important things to keep in mind when your travel in the summer.

Pack comfortable clothes: Unless you are planning to schmooze with your office colleagues where appearances need to be kept, do not pack clothes that can’t breathe. If you want to keep the sun at bay, wear comfortable, loose cotton clothes. Keep a pair of shoes that can keep up with walking long distances without hurting your feet. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses to protect your eyes, a cap or hat and of course a strong sun block.


Don’t binge on street food: Yes, vacations are meant to throw rules out of the window, relax and do as you please. Yet, bingeing on street food is not the answer. Avoid fried and oily food items that can dehydrate you and even cause gastroenteritis. To avoid sickness, munch on cold fruits like watermelon, or veggies like the cucumber throughout the day. This will help to keep you hydrated too.

Kesari-tours-travelkit-cold fruits


Keep a first aid kit around: You know you tend to suffer from headaches caused by the sun or a rash that may crop up suddenly. The best way to avoid that is to carry a few medications or a first aid kit.


Carry your pillow: Don’t you often complain that your pillow was hard, soft, thin thick and you could not sleep. To help you sleep better and stay fresh each day, carry your favorite pillow with you if you are traveling by bus, car or airplane.


Make time for breaks: Yes, you want to see the most at the fastest speed possible and are willing to give up on your breaks. Not taking the time to rest in between will make you feel tired. So, stretch when you get the time, to feel energetic through the day.