5 Best Countries for History Buffs to Visit At least Once

Are you interested in gathering knowledge about the incredible history of different parts of the world? Do you want to explore renowned monuments, get a glimpse of interesting cultures and soak yourself in the charm of the old world? If yes, you should never miss visiting the best countries known for providing something interesting to entice history buffs.

Stonehenge -The Monument of the United Kingdom

Travelling to the United Kingdom is like the haven for those interested in history. Vacations for history buffs is incomplete without a visit to the mythical Stonehenge. These Neolithic monuments have an air of mystery tinging the air often making travellers wonder whether it is the work of God or Aliens, just like the new Transformer movie recently depicted. No one is sure whether the stone pillars come with healing powers or not. However, this historical mainstay deserves the visit from historical holiday lovers at least for once in their life. Other than this, UK is a home to medieval castles, including the most spectacular Leeds Castle and Baroque lineup.

Cairo in Egypt

Immerse yourself in the sights of an incredible yet culturally diversified history and grandeur of Cairo in Egypt, known popularly as the Land of the Nile when you plan on historical vacation packages. Make sure you visit the renowned the Great Phoenix, the Pyramid of Giza, Kings Valley, Egyptian and Karnak museums while you are on a vacation of a lifetime for history buffs. A visit to each of the places will take you back to the Cleopatra age, while the stunning architecture and hieroglyphics surely leave marvelling at the engineer’s genius.

Petra-the Rose City of Jordan

Petra is popularly recognised as the Rose City of Jordan. Thanks to its outstanding architecture carved perfectly in pink coloured sandstone. Every year, it enthrals many travellers who enjoyed their history vacations even before it was recognised as a UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Site. Petra, the Rose City is home to about 800 different ancient temples, baths, tombs and famous buildings, along with other incredible structures. Furthermore, you will find an amazing water conduit system to highlight various archaeological aspects of the ancient city of Jordan.

Famed and Eternal City of Rome in Italy

Another must visit the country for history buffs is the renowned and eternal city of Rome in Italy. There is a saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” That is true when you get a chance to explore a variety of iconic architectural pieces in the Rome. The Roman Empire was one of the strongest of its times and some structures like the Circus Maximus, Arch of Constantine, Forum, Pantheon and many more are worth a visit. Make it a point to walk across the historical Renaissance and Baroque buildings and of course the Colosseum of the gladiator fame to make your trip to Italy complete and memorable.

Chichen Itza of Mexico

Mexico is one of the favourable countries for history lovers, where you can get a glimpse of two famous Toltec and Mayan civilisations in the form of Chichen Itza -the historical mecca. Located near the Yucatan Peninsula wildlands, the city has everything, from tall historical pyramids, huge altar structures and essential observatories that helped to get its name in the list of UNESCO Worldwide Heritage sites. Never forget to see the key attractions of the place i.e. El Castillo, Warriors Temple and Great Hall Court.

Now that we have named a few best countries for history buffs, are you excited? Well, don’t wait too long. Decide on a place and connect with Kesari Tours for your holiday packages today.