7 Top Tips to Overcome Jet Lag You Must Know

A journey to a new place if often exciting and makes you eager to experience it. However, in some cases, especially when you make a long-distance and trans-meridian journey and sit for a long time in the aeroplane, you deal with a common sleeping disorder called jet lag. A jet lag issue may spoil your thrills and excitement of your first journey abroad for a vacation.

To help you get over jet lag quickly Kesari Tours have listed a few tips to overcome jet lag

Relax the Schedule before Your Flight

Knowing the ways to prepare for any long-haul flight will help you begin your holiday feeling fresh instead of tired or fatigued. If you often have a rigid schedule at your home, you should take steps to relax such schedule at least 2 or 3 days before your flight. Rigid routines related to sleeping and eating make it hard for you to adjust to your new schedules and time zones. Thus, the answer to how to cure jet lag is simple i.e. follow a flexible routine to begin your trip abroad in a healthy and enjoyable way even though you may experience jet lag issues.


Adapt Sleep and Wake Timings as Per New Location

Another answer to the question –how to get rid of jet lag; is to adapt to the body rhythm i.e. sleep and wake timings must be according to the new location. For instance, if you are flying towards the East, you require sleeping on the plane. Make sure you get a few cosy clothes, take inflatable cushions and put in earplugs to avoid any disturbance from the noises nearby.

On the other hand, if you must travel to the West, you must stay awake while making your entire journey on the plane. Thus, depending on specific flight and destination, you must adjust your body’s sleep and wake times. Other than this, you must carry the essential jet lag medication if you are often jetlagged.


Put a Limit on Carbohydrate-rich Foods

Even though most aeroplanes offer delicious food items in various small colourful boxes and wrappers to entice foodies, it is essential for you to put a limit on the meals you have for better dealing with jet lag. Avoid overly processed and oily items, food rich in carbohydrates, items with artificial additives and others. Most people prone to jet lag tend to avoid such food items.


Avoid Caffeinated Beverages

You should strictly avoid any caffeinated beverages, like tea, coffee, energy drinks and cola. These are artificial stimulants, which affect the ability of your body to sleep and increase the exact recovery time from jet lag. Your body will function in a better way whenever it remains hydrated. Hence, you should have more water to offset the jet lag effects.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

To kick off the holiday time with pre-flight wine party is tempting for most of us. However, you should not overlook the negative effects of alcohol, like dehydration and tiredness at higher altitudes, which create further difficulties when it comes to beating the jet lag problems.


Get Daylight as much as Possible

You should get daylight hours when travelling, as much as you can. This is because; daylight helps you feel better, keeps you energetic and lets you overcome jet lag issues faster.


Try A Few Simple and Easy Exercises

Make sure you indulge in a few simple and easy physical exercises before you board your flight. This boosts the endorphins in your body and stretches the kinks, which often develop during long-haul flights.


Now that you are ready to get cracking on jet lag, there is no reason why you cannot pick an international destination to travel to with Kesari Tours.

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