Beat the Heat in Delhi With These Super Cool Summer Coolers Today!

Whew! Scorching, isn’t it? It’s summer, which means people are looking for ways to stay cool when the sun beats down relentlessly. Delhi, during summers, is the hottest that’s when the coolers and AC’s work the hardest. So, why not cool the body from the inside too?

To beat the heat, pick up one of these super healthy summer coolers and you won’t feel the heat as much. Feel like going on a city tour to pick the best summer cooler, why not check with Kesari Tours?

Masala Chaas: Oh, the age old Chaas or buttermilk should be the first go-to cooler. Buttermilk helps to quench your thirst and works as a coolant. Of course, you know curds or yogurt helps to keep the body cool from the inside. If you are not a fan of the plain variety, then add a pinch of finely crushed cumin seeds and mint leaves/coriander leaves and chilly if you prefer.


Shikanji: Come summer and every household stocks up on Shikanji or the nimbu paani. One of the easiest to make, it is easily available at several stalls that line Delhi streets selling this traditional summer cooler. Add honey instead of sugar to your Shikanji and bid goodbye to rising temperatures.


Lassi: Ah Lassi -a must have, to beat the scorching summer heat. This blended curd served sweet or salty is a tummy soother. Thicker than the buttermilk this protein filled drink can be your own coolant instead of aerated drinks. Choose from your favorite flavor options and have a mango lassi or a rose lassi today.


Thandai: Yes, the drink you often have during holi. Well, it is known for its cooling properties hence the name Thandai. Skip the bhang and pick this milk-n-spices cooler. Made with milk, almonds, rose water, cardamom powder, and saffron to give it a distinctive flavor.


Sherbet: Sherbets or cold flavored water like khus, kokum, and amla also help to effectively cool your body. Rose or the Bel i.e. wood apple sherbet is quite popular during summers. The wood apple is fiber rich, filled with vitamins and minerals. Beat a sunstroke with a bel sherbet this summer.


Aam Panna: How can we miss out on a summer cooler made from raw mangoes? Well, a cooler made with raw mangoes, jaggery, black salt, and cardamom, you can’t go wrong. Full of vitamins this Aam Panna helps you avoid a sunstroke.


So, if your summer vacation takes you to Delhi next, make sure you get Kesari Tours to include a summer cooler tasting through the city.

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