Budget-friendly Vacation Ideas Around the World

Are you looking to enjoy a vacation with your family members but worrying about your budget? If yes, you should look at the list of budget-friendly vacation ideas for destinations, which allow you to explore the incredible architecture, archaeological sites, experience fantastic activities and satisfy your appetite and taste buds without emptying your pocket.

Kesari Tours curated a list of budget-friendly vacation ideas just for you.

Houston, United States

Houston in the United States has recently created a huge buzz among people willing to enjoy a family vacation at the most pocket-friendly price. Home to leading restaurants and food centres, the city is perfect for foodies. Moreover, the city has many art scenes ranging from a well-set institution to various local endeavours. Make sure you get a chance to visit the Fine Arts Museum in Houston, which includes incredible paintings done by Rembrandt and Picasso including the American and European paintings after 1945.

Montreal in Canada

With the favourable exchange rate of dollars in Canada and relatively low flight charges, you will surely enjoy your affordable family vacations in Montreal. Home to an excellent food market and stunning food scenes, hipster bars, English pubs and plenty of cafes, art museums, fantastic architecture Montreal in Canada is the perfect place to make a journey at least for once in your life. Do not forget to go try a cycle tour to explore the heritage churches and other incredible beauties of Old Montreal.

Barcelona in Spain

Looking for budget-friendly vacation ideas, plan a tour to Barcelona, a Catalan City of Europe for this year. As a bartering seaside city, it offers you fabled architecture, best museums of the world and an outstanding drinking and fine dining scene. Moreover, Barcelona has many sea beaches where you can indulge in exciting activities, take a break from regular sightseeing and explore the city’s renowned artworks. The best part of travelling to Barcelona is that its flight prices have gone down significantly in 2018 making it a favourable tour destination for budget travellers.

Zanzibar in Tanzania

Colourful coral reefs, pristine sandy beaches, unique culture and endless options related to spices are enough to entice you to visit the Zanzibar island in Tanzania. This East African island has everything to offer to a foodie, a wanderer or a culture lover. Look for affordable vacations packages to explore the beautiful golden sand sea beaches in and around Zanzibar.

Herceg Novi in Europe

Located between the Mount Orjen and the stunning Adriatic City, yet the seaside city of Herceg Novi in Europe has always remained one of the budget-friendly vacation ideas for a long time. Explore the incredible architecture, history and unique styles during your tour to Herceg Novi. Moreover, to make the most of your fabulous pocket-friendly tour, enjoy popular activities, like walking across the hidden beaches, try the mud spas, while watching the beautiful hot springs.

Xian, China

Xian in China is not only perfect for budget-friendly travellers, but also for all those with limited time on hand for a vacation. Within a few days, you can explore many tourists’ spots, which include the Xian City Walls, Emperor Jingdi’s Tomb, the Army of various Terracotta Warriors and the Muslim Quarter. Do not forget to explore the famous museums and pagodas. To get ultimate enjoyment; make sure you go on a small trip to Hua Shan.

You have read about a few of the budget-friendly vacation ideas mentioned above, but there are other places you can travel to with Kesari Tours. To know more connect today.