Bust a move on the Bridge Climb, Sydney

1. bridge climbing in sydney

Enlivening and utterly unforgettable, Bridge Climb, Sydney gives you the awesome opportunity to walk to the summit of the beautiful Harbour Bridge and take in the pleasure of one of the world’s most breathtaking views. No doubt, this climb is one of the spectacular ways, to spend a day in Sydney, Australia.

Bridge Climb Experience

2. Bridge climb experience
Soak up the world around you, while you climb the bridge. As you ascend the arches of the bridge, enjoy the stunning views of the gorgeous city Sydney nestled on the marvellous harbours of the earth. Well, this exciting Climb begins at regular intervals from early in the morning till the evening, and you all get all the necessary equipments over there. With the guide of the Climb leaders, you will suit-up in their perfectly designed outdoor gear and climb up. If you are in Sydney, and looking for some escapade then don’t forget to book yourself in for a Bridge Climb. Contact Kesari tours to plan your trip in a better way, and make it fruitful.

If you seek a perfect combination of amusement with adventure then this Climb Leader makes sure to imbibe you with an incredible experience accompanied with safety and fun. As you get along the way, you can explore the interesting facts about the bridge. After the climb gather your friends and family and capture some nice snaps of the bridge so that you can cherish the memory returning back to your sweet home.


Reaching the top, you can choose from a range of different climbs. – Bridge Climb, Bridge Climb Express and Bridge Climb Mandarin (3.5 hour and 2.25 hour).

Bridge Climb

Get a glance a 360 degree scenic beauty of Sydney as you take a tour to the summit on the original Climb experience. This journey continues along the Bridge’s outer arch on the Opera House side until you hit the top. Embark on a journey with Kesari tours, to feel the sensational beauty of the city Sydney, Australia with its adventurous Bridge Climb.

3. bridge climb

Bridge Climb Express


If you came for a short tour to Sydney, and you lack time in your hand, then The Bridge Climb express is the perfect option for you, where you can discover the Harbour Bridge within 2 hours and 15 minutes. Take in the view of the ravishing landscape of blue and green, breathtaking mountains poking out in the distance.

Bridge Climb Mandarin

5. Bridge climb madarin

You will fall in love with each and every minute of the Bridge Climb Mandarin, as you travel along the 2 ¼ hour express route through the heart of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


6. Visitor Center

Watch the Visitor Centre in the Climb Base to get an insight about the city’s history, preservation and celebration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


7. cafe bridge climb

A coffee or cool refreshment after the climb will make your day. Isn’t it? So, head into some of the shops located in the Climb Base, and relish your taste buds with some tasty snacks, with a sip of any refreshing drink.

So are you ready to take the climb of your life to the peak of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the magnificent. Bridge Climb Sydney? Ask Kesari tours for the customized holiday packages to Sydney and with a sense of adventure, discover more about this thrilling Bridge Climb.