Best Places To Visit In Your Cambodia Tour

Haven’t you heard of wars fought in Vietnam? You must have seen movies that depicted the wars. But what very few tell you is how beautiful the country is. Cambodia is an attractive yet mystifying realm that enchants visitors. A perfect confluence of ancient and modern culture, Cambodia is an adventure waiting to happen.

If you are looking for venues to travel to, this former Khmer empire -Cambodia is one you must visit. There are several Cambodia tours you can choose from at Kesari Tours. Let’s peek into what’s in store for you when you visit Cambodia. 

The Hanoi Quarter: One of the oldest cities in the country, it celebrated a millennium recently. A city that is made up of 36 guilds with one street for each. If you can, visit the Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning and you can catch a glimpse of people jogging among the flame and banyan trees, performing tai-chi or walking around the lake. Most Cambodia tours start in the Hanoi Quarter. Explore the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the One Pillar Pagoda and the Museum of Ethnology where scientific exploration, assembly, documentation, and conservation of the cultural and historic heritage of the state’s diverse cultural groups is done. What’s more, check out the Opera house and enjoy the extraordinary water puppets show. 


Ha Long Bay: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the bay is a renowned travel destination in the Quang Ninh Province in Vietnam. On your Cambodia tour, you can visit the Sao Do handicraft center and enjoy a cruise through the spectacular Ha Long Bay. Catch a glimpse of the limestone islets that rise from the Gulf of Tonkin’s emerald waters. Explore stalactite and stalagmite formations in site limestone caves. Look at how pearl farming is done on a pearl factory visit. Wander around the old narrow streets and colourful indigenous markets and click a memory at the Ngoc Son Temple and Kiem Lake. 


Siem Reap: Siem Reap, with its multiethnic cafes and varied nightspots, is a must-visit as much as the iconic temples nearby. Siem Reap is the capital of the Siem Reap province in northwestern Cambodia. A famed resort town, it is the gateway to the famous Angkor region. Explore its colonial and Chinese-inspired architecture in the Old French Quarter. 


Walk through the old market and visit the museums, Angkor National Museum, traditional Angkor crafts, Elephant and Lepper king terraces, the ancient bridge, and Bayon complex. The Ta Prohm Temple in the Cambodian jungle, Angkor Wat – The largest holy shrine in the world, and Banteay Srei temple- A 10th-century Cambodian temple devoted to Lord Shiva are a must-visit.

Explore Wat Thmey -the Killing Fields museum and the Tonle Sap -the largest freshwater lake in South-east Asia and one of the richest inland fishing grounds in the world. Get a chance to see floating villages, crocodile farms, and the Cu Chi Tunnels used as hideouts, living areas, and supply during the Vietnam War on your Cambodian tour packages.

Of course, if you like what Cambodia is all about then you can start planning and pick from one of the Cambodia tours that Kesari Tours offers.