Kesari’s woman only trips: Why Should Boys Have All the Fun!

Gone are the days when women would go out for a holiday only when accompanied by their husband or family. Working, retired, single women today love to venture out towards unseen horizons on their own. However, there are few concerns when it comes to solo travel; like safety, the flexibility of sharing the costs, etc. Don’t worry, with Kesari Tours’ My Fair Lady (woman-only trips) travel packages have got all these things covered.

To map the globe following are some of the chosen destinations for solo travel.

United States of America: Arrive with the girl gang to see United Nations building, the 5th Avenue, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park. You can also travel by ferry to the Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty and indulge in some retail therapy for fun later. Apart from the attractions in New York, USA tour packages also include sightseeing at Washington, Niagara Falls, and a tour of the city of Chicago.


Japan Tours: The island country of Japan might not be on the top of your woman-only trips, but to get the facts right the Japanese are extremely humble and helpful. Their transport system is extremely efficient. The bullet train is a sure thing on the bucket list of things to experience whilst here. Single dining is absolutely normal to witness. As per the Global Peace Index Japan is one amongst ten safest countries in the world. The capsule accommodation offers female-only dedicated floors for the Japan tours.


Europe Tour: Another safe and popular travel option is the Europe tour. Getting around in Europe is safe and easy. Most European cities are safe (even at night) supported through an efficient transport system. And there are loads of activities to do for free, like visiting the free museums in London. Eastern Europe has many eateries offering cheap food, beer, and the beautiful nature. Countries like Scotland, which is nature’s heaven, Italy brimming with culture and ancient architecture, Ireland for some adrenaline rush, The Netherlands (one of the most popular for woman-only trips), Iceland are some of the must-visits on the list.


Thailand Tours: A trip to Thailand should be your first port of call because if you are traveling for the first time solo “The land of smiles” ought to be your first choice. The tiny country dotted with places like Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai the options are myriad and many. The capital city, Bangkok itself offers a lot for the travelers to explore.


South Africa holidays: South Africa has over the years become a must-visit for travellers the world over. There is so much to see right from the Gold Reef to Suncity to Johannesburg. Known as the kingdom of pleasure, Sun city has several entertainment options you can opt for. The casinos, Pilanesberg National Park, Kwena Crocodile Park and the Cabana Water Theme Park are places you must experience in South Africa. However, you must avoid getting out in the dark alone, or best hire a radio taxi and enjoy the nightlife. The people of the country are warm and welcoming.


Singapore Tours: A small country of the south-eastern archipelago, Singapore tours for solo travel offers much to learn and discover. There is much to discover from the local markets to quaint streets to the local food stalls, the place holds a unique amalgamation of both old and the new world. Sentosa Island is full of thrills and adventurous that you must take time to experience.


Travelling solo is one of the most liberating things to do. With Kesari Tours as your travel assistant carve new paths in your life and explore the world.