Top 5 Things to do when in Prague

Prague, another city that can compete with Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and London for its absolute grandiose and beauty. Of course, there is more to the city than just a pretty façade. With the lazy Vltava River dividing the city, Prague can amaze even the most travelled tourist with its blend of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, some of the best museums in the world, ornamented churches, and bridges.

Visiting the 14th-century stone bridge, a castle atop the hill and a beautiful, river – the Vltava – that encouraged the creation of the most compellingly beautiful Smetana’s Moldau symphony, is a must on your Prague tour.

Explore the medieval boulevards in the day, stroll down the riverbanks in the evening. If sightseeing becomes too much, you can always enjoy a hearty Czech meal with a choice of the finest lagers in the world. From puppet shows to jazz, astronomical clock to pork knuckles and a mind maze, there is so much to experience on your Prague vacation.

Here is our list of the best things to do in Prague

1. Old Town Square: Regardless of Prague’s history of incursions, the Old Town Square has stayed untouched since the 10th-century. Hordes of travelers throng the historic streets, filling the open-air cafeterias each day. The square is the picture-perfect place to appreciate the brilliant architecture Prague has to offer. If the architecture doesn’t enchant, then enjoy the several street artistes, performers and traders that line the roads.

2. Astronomical Clock: Another spectacle you must not miss on Prague tours, is watching ancient astronomical clock striking the hour. This clock is in the Old Town Square on the south face of the town hall. Built in the 15th-century, this clock stands tall though it has been damaged and repaired several times. It is one of the best conserved old-fashioned motorized clocks in the world. The show at the top of the hour never fails to entrance. A must-see on your trip to Prague.

3. Wander across the Charles Bridge: This 14th-century stone bridge is one of the most pleasurable and unforgettable experiences of a Prague holiday. King Charles IV had had the bridge made in 1357 in place of the old bridge that washed away during the floods. It was completed in 1390, but the stunning statues were added only in the 17th-century. The bridge was named after King Charles in the 19th-century.

4. Prague Castle: Located in the Castle district, (Hradcany), the Prague Castle is one of the most popular attractions in Prague. The spectacular castle had always belonged to the Czech rulers but is President’s official home today. You can enter the castle grounds for free, however, you may need to buy a ticket that is valid for entry into the Golden Lane, St Vitus Cathedral, and Basilica of St George. 

5. Cruise on the River Vltava: Watching the city of Prague from the river Vltava is an exceptional experience and allows you to see the many historic edifices and monuments from a dissimilar view. Voyages within the city often include lunch or dinner depending on the time you begin your cruise. Make sure you select a cruise for two hours or more on the Prague tour to ensure you can relax and escape the crowds of the city center and enjoy the tranquility of the silent banks on the Vltava river.