Ultimate Beach Destinations Around the world

When someone says “beach” you probably think of white sand, rolling waves, bright sunlight and a beer or fruity cocktail. But beaches come in far more different shapes and colors than some of us might have expected. From sparkling white beaches, to crystal clear waters and dramatic waves, these are the beaches that have been rated some of the best in the world.

1.Unique Glass Beach, California


Because we hate getting sand in our… swim trunks. The clear, blue, and brown glass pebbles that cover this beach are a sight to behold. According to science, it takes the ocean about 10 to 30 years to create them.

2. Hidden beach in Marieta, Mexico


A lovers’ beach, tucked below the surface of the island, provides a calm haven for romance. A gaping hole in the surface of the lush green island opens onto a secret beach, with ample shade, sun, and crystal-clear water which looks like something out of a fantasy novel. When here, you can enjoy diverse marine wildlife, adventure thrills and the unique tropical beauty of the beach.

3. Glowing beach, Maldives


Holidaymakers in destinations like the Maldives are sometimes treated to a natural phenomenon that turns the night-time ocean into a field of glowing stars. As waves break on the sandy shore or bare feet step into wet sand a bright green-blue glow appears. This magical effect is caused by bioluminescent plankton that often appears in warm coastal waters.

4. Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Australia


On the edge of the continent, and part of the Shark Bay UNESCO World Heritage site, countless white cockleshells, up to 30 feet deep in some parts, spread for miles. Take nothing but pictures. Stop at Old Pearler Restaurant, built entirely of shells from this beach.

5. The Beach of the Cathedrals, Spain


This incredible beach on Spain’s northern coast, often appears on the Best Beaches in the World lists. The most striking feature of the beach are the cluster of impressive rock formations. On a windy day, you can hear the wind whistling between the huge stones which resembles organ music playing in a church. Nature’s organ music can best be heard at low tide.

6. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland
For centuries countless visitors have marveled at the majesty and mystery of the Giants Causeway. At the heart of one of Europe’s most magnificent coastlines its unique rock formations have, for millions of years, stood as a natural rampart against the unbridled intensity of Atlantic storms.
7. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland
These black basalt columns are called Reynisdrangar and they appeared as a result of exposure of the water on the coastal cliffs. Cold water of the coast beach, the endless fogs, penetrating winds and somber landscapes – but still, a sense of delight wins the gloom, everything here seems to be very special and unusual!
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