What Kind of Traveler Are You?

You want to relax and revitalize, get time away from the rat race and more, don’t you? Well, taking a holiday, travelling, trying social travel is what most think of doing. The world is a big place and there is so much you can do, see, and experience. But one of the first things you must find out is whether you like group travel or solo travel before you start planning a vacay.

If you plan a trip that doesn’t fit with your nature and who you are, you possibly won’t appreciate the trip.

Here are a few things to ponder before booking your next holiday.

These are the questions you ask yourself first to understand how you would like to travel.

  • Do you like the doing things on your own?

  • Do you enjoy being with others and don’t mind exploring places with others?

  • Do you like large crowds, or do they make you feel like you are suffocating?

  • Do you want to relax or don’t mind going around the city all day?

If you like it comfortable, don’t like crowds and would rather relax and enjoy your solitude then you are a Solo Traveler. On the other hand, if you don’t mind going around the city, enjoy being around people and want to fit in as much as possible in your trip then you are open to Group travel.

Solo Travel: You can do whatever you want whenever you want to. You can enjoy connecting with others, immerse yourself in another culture, learn something new or avoid mingling totally if you want to be alone. When you plan to travel alone, you can do so on your terms.Of course, it means you no longer have to bother what someone else needs, no more packing for others. You can do what you have always wished to do but did not find the time to do it till now.


Here’s why solo travel is recommended.

  • You get to see the world on your time

  • You will be back home with more confidence, now that you have travelled, explored places and created unforgettable memories,

  • Travelling alone can help to get you out of your comfort zone and build your self-esteem.

Things to keep in mind when planning a solo trip

Know your budget: Keep an amount in mind before you decide on your destination. If not, look for places and see how much they would cost so that you know how much you need to save.


Know the destination: See what others have to say about the destination. The kind of places you must see, activities not to miss out on. Read reviews to know about good places to eat, go out for a night and more.


Pack light: Pack clothes according to the place you are visiting. Make sure you have your essentials, carry enough change of clothes, pack your travel documents, take travel insurance, keep a little cash aside, get VPN on your phone if you plan to use public Wi-Fi.


Group Travel: When you travel in a group, you aren’t responsible for reaching the destination, looking for a place to stay, finding food or making sure you get the best out of the destination. You get a chance to meet new people, forge friendships, create memories and so much more.


Here’s why group travel is recommended.

  • You have someone with you to show you the way. You don’t need to bother about smaller travel details as it is being taken care of. What’s more, if your guide explains the details about the place you visit, then you don’t have to ask someone else, if you don’t know their language.

  • Get a chance to make new friends instantly. There are people from all walks of life and you get a chance to interact with them for the duration of your trip and find out whom you can gel with better. Who knows the next time you may plan a trip with your new friends.

  • You can explore the best the destination has to offer and see more of the place than if you travelled alone.

  • There is safety in numbers. Your safety is of utmost importance in a group and the travel company makes sure safety measures are followed.

  • Take your friends and family along without the hassles of planning the holiday.

So, decide how you would like to travel, pick a destination, book the tour, get packing and off you go on a wild adventure alone or with your family and create memories of a lifetime with Kesari Tours. So, What Kind of Traveler Are You?