Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset in The World

Even the angriest of person wouldn’t say no to a beautiful sunset. For many, it is the best time of the day. The beauty of a sunset is such that it makes people catch their breaths, cameras ready to start taking pictures. Thinking how to go about best places to watch the sunset, well we have got you covered at Kesari Tours curated a list of best sunsets in the world.

Shi Shi Beach in Washington: Located at the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula is this beautiful Shi Shi beach. The beach requires the travellers to take a little trek to reach the cliff edge touching the Pacific Ocean. It is amongst one of the unspoiled beaches surrounded by the tide pools. Carry your camping gear and set up along the beach to witness one of most beautiful sunsets in the world with the backdrop of striking sea stacks and the rock arches.


Rio De Janeiro in Brazil: The Leblon’s golden shores or the Barra da Tijuca sandy shores is one of the several ways to enjoy beautiful beach sunset when in Rio De Janeiro. If you are looking for a romantic tryst with nature you may head towards the Arpoador, a quaint peninsula between Ipanema and Copacabana extending towards the ocean. The topography allows visitors amazing views making it one of the best places to watch the sunset or indulge in beach sunset pictures whilst the sun takes a dip in the ocean.


Malibu in California: The Point Dume State Beach offers some of the most matchless views of the Pacific. You can also spot the Dolphins playing in the water. Definitely, this makes it amongst the top ten sunsets in the world. You can see the sky turning from blue to pink hues or some dramatic views of the rock formations along the beach as the sun sets.


Bora Bora in French Polynesia: We bet that you could find any disappointing place to watch the sunset here. As the sun dips down in the crystal-clear waters, sitting in the hammock of your private deck or a beach bungalow is a view that makes it a memory of a lifetime. And it would be unfair to speak only about the sunset here as watching the sunrise is equally breath-taking. A top choice for the honeymooners or people who are looking for a romantic holiday. Indulge in some gorgeous tropical drinks as you watch the beautiful views of the sunset here.


Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia: One of the best places to watch sunset wherein the salt flat adding up to the drama quotient to the sunset. Also referred to as the “moonscapes” it echoes infinite blue skies. You can witness breath-taking views as the sun slowly descends and merges with the horizon.

Though a sunset is a daily routine it serves as a visual treat to many. The transition from day into night, light to darkness gets celebrated as people go out to watch and what better way to do this than asking your best travel partner Kesari Tours today for a custom-made holiday.