Why Is London One of The Best Cities in the World?

When you think about Best Cities in the World, London is one of the most travelled cities in the world. There are plenty of things to do in London, which means there is something for everyone. Whether you are a culture or history enthusiast or looking for some delectable cuisine or some good times. You name it and London has it all and more. Are you wondering how to go about London city?

Well, here is Kesari Tours curated list of things to do and places to see in London.

London culture: A untiring trendsetter of art and culture, London is a city of philosophies and fabulous imagination. The people are autonomous intellectuals and not long ago were wary of everything they thought unconventional. The city’s creative scene is splashed with left-field defiance, whether it’s theatrical modernization, modern art, revolutionary music, writing, verse, architecture or design. Food is another creative tireless obsession in this city. This cosmopolitan city is home to 270 nationalities and 300 languages, which is reflected in everything from everyday life to fashion to music to food and more.

Things to do in London: Peek into London’s history where most city buildings are striking examples of the city’s architectural antiquity and the London culture. Amongst the top tourist places, you must see are the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, dotting the entire West End. Interspersed with some friendly pubs, lively green suburbs, scenic river banks, and the historic quarters.

London Sightseeing: Visit and explore Notting Hill. The place is often confused with the place where the actor Hugh Grant tried to win over actress Julia Roberts in the Hollywood movie Notting Hill. But the place has a lot to offer, with zillions of neighbourhoods, fancy restaurants, haute couture shops, and charming cafes.

A visit to the British Museum is essential in any London sightseeing tour. The museum is known the world over for being a culture and human history museum. It is opened to the general public since 1759. It includes arts and collection of over eight million from all over the world. The collections are as old dating as far as prehistoric times till today. The exhibits include the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, and Parthenon sculptures. A visit to the museum is free.

Top London tourist attractions: One of the most visited attractions in London is the London Eye. The London Eye provides a bird’s-eye view of the South Bank of London. Standing high at 400 feet in the sky can hold about 25 people at a time. For the thirty minutes trip, you can see the fifty famous landmarks of London. For those seeking some private romantic moments, the Cupid’s capsule provides a romantic and private time with a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates.

The Shard, one of the tallest building in London houses some of the most delectable restaurants in London, like the Shangri La. The place towers above every other landmark in the city and is probably worth a view. But don’t forget to appreciate the place before you step in.

The Hyde Park located in the center of the city is one of the biggest parks of London. The park has a beautiful pond called Serpentine. The boundaries of which touch the gates of Kensington Palace. A visit to this park is totally unmissable when in London.

Excited already? So, whether you are visiting London for the first time or you are a frequent visitor. You can still explore a lot in the city. And before you book your trip as for a few of the amazing customized options by Kesari Tours to experience the city of London.