Why It’s Important You Take That Holiday

Did you know, studies have shown that only 30% workers use all their annual leave? Do you remember this well-known phrase, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”? But is that true? Yes, it is!

If you are amongst those who are increasingly more worried about your salary, its investment and putting in long hours at work in a bid to earn some more; then you should know that you are doing so at the cost of other important things in your life. Everyone needs time to relax and get away from the rat-race to get health benefits of taking a vacation.

Getting rid of stress, gaining a better perspective and better productivity are some benefits of traveling, yet many choose to ignore the importance of vacation as they fear losing their competitive edge, falling behind in their work while etc. Research confirms that not only are family holidays good for you, but they may also increase your productivity at work.


Here are a few reasons why holidays are important.

Vacations make you happy: When you are working round-d-clock, planning a vacation seems like a chore and you feel like you must add it to your to-do-list. As a benefit of holidays, a few studies found that people were less stressed and tensed at work after returning from a fabulous vacation. This means you are quite likely to be in a better frame of mind and have more energy than before.

Moreover, those who come back from a recent vacation are more content with their lives. This means a vacation makes you happy, calm, energized, de-stressed and satisfied.


Health benefits of taking vacations: You have one life and it is short. Not taking a vacation could make your lifespan shorter. Do you want to make it short? Studies predict those who don’t realize the importance of holidays have 21 percent more chances of death because of several health issues. Sitting for long hours, bad eating habits, along with less sleep and his stress mean you are prone to high BP. Vacations are a pleasant way to invest in your good health.


Benefits of traveling on work

Studies believe if you don’t take holiday breaks, your efficiency at work suffers. Long hours of work short of break could cause tetchiness, wrong conclusions, poor communiqué and relations and increase in sick days. When you go on vacation, you inverse the bad effects and come back more focused, optimistic, increasing your productivity dramatically.

Remember, it’s not sufficient just to get away from work, but you also need to switch off when you take a vacation. Don’t think of work and things that annoy you, don’t check your emails unless it is very important and of course, limit the use of gadgets you have.