5 Best Desserts Around the World You Must Have Today

Dessert! There are times when you simply crave them. No meal is complete without having a dessert and nothing enthralls like eating one of the best desserts around the world. Every country has its own version of a dessert from the fresh and tangy to sumptuous and decadent.

From Iceland’s popular dairy dessert, Skyr to Australian Lamingtons, read on to know the best desserts that people have been satiating their sweet tooth with for years around the world.

Dadar Gulung:

No, not the railway station Dadar or the staircase, it’s the Indonesian dessert -that is quite popular on the island of Java. It’s a green pancake roll made from pandanus leaves filled with coconut and sugar. You simply must have one!sweet-1Syrniki:

This soft cheesy treat, is a must have when you’re in Russia. It is a pancake made of quark – a dairy item made from cheese, with a sour cream texture is a favorite with Russians. These pancakes are fried and serve along with honey, or apple sauce, or strawberry jam or sour cream. Looks quite YUMMY!sweet-4Mochi:

When in Japan, do like the Japanese do and taste the Japanese mochi. It gets its name from mochigome, which is sticky rice ground into a paste and then shaped into small round balls. This sticky dessert can be had throughout the year but is often sold and eaten during the Japanese New Year. What’s more, you will find it is usually stuffed with an ice cream scoop.sweet-2Dragon Beard Candy:

Not to worry, it isn’t really dragon’s beard. This dessert is the conclusion of the handmade traditional art of China. Dragon Beard Candy, which looks like a cocoon, is made from maltose syrup and sugar, garnished with sesame seeds, coconut, and peanuts. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.sweet-3


Can you stop at just one? They look delicious, don’t they? These typically Aussie cubes of vanilla sponge cake, dunked in chocolate icing and dusted with coconut are simply mouthwatering. They are at times stuffed with pannacotta or berry compote.sweet-5

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