Top 5 Benefits of Traveling in a Group


Leisure traveling is always exciting and fun. Discovering unknown lands and cultures fills us with an eager anticipation, besides giving us unforgettable memories to treasure and share with loved ones.

Traveling in a group has greater advantages than traveling alone. Singular travel can be extremely therapeutic for those deliberately seeking it, but for those traveling for fun and holiday, nothing can beat the enjoyment of being in a group. Human beings are inherently social animals and one of the greatest joys is the one of sharing. Traveling in a group enhances this joy in several ways and makes for a memorable trip together. This also allows for many other advantages in a tour.

Here, we explore the benefits of traveling in and how it can add a lot more value to our journeys to new places.

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1.  Taking selfies of oneself and posting them on social sites is gratifying, but in a group we share the moments “live” with loved ones, be it family or friends. Posting such pictures is far more enjoyable, as many can relate to it and certainly makes for more “likes” than otherwise.

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2.  Traveling in group helps us overcome our small fears or inhibitions for discovering unknown things. Not all of us would be comfortable walking into a dance lounge or nightclub, even though these are the norm in several foreign lands. However as a part of a small group, those who are shy can easily visit such places and take those memories home.

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3.  Traveling without tasting local cuisine is truly a waste of a trip. However, not all countries or cultures offer us the kind of palate we are used to and this deters many of us from trying out their fare. As a group, we can visit local eateries and order several different dishes, thus, allowing discovery of new food, with the back-up of “safe” dishes, should some not like the former.

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4. Local travel can sometimes be difficult to arrange or may seem dangerous, to newcomers. In a group, people can easily arrange for transportation, such as taxis, etc, without the fear of sharing these with strangers. This helps one in taking full advantage of a tour to see tangential sights, not included in a tour and check out local areas, for shopping, culture, etc.


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5. One of the greatest benefits of traveling in a group is that it allows us to overcome long hours and tedious plane/bus rides with company. Imagine having to spend 10 to 12 hours in planes and airports alone! While traveling in a group, one can pass the time with fun games, antakshari etc. This alleviates the boredom and adds a festive air to the trip.



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